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    How to Get Help

    • Critical, time-sensitive requiring immediate attention, such as a technical issue during a live classroom session, virtual meeting, or an exam. Call AITS at 860-679-8870.
    • Routine and non time-sensitive issues. Call the UConn-Health IT Help Desk at 860-679-4400 or email to to create a service ticket.
    • General questions and inquiries. Email AITS at

    What AITS Supports

    • HuskyCT:
      • Train end users
      • Resolve system outages and errors
      • Bulk enroll/remove students, and copy courses
      • General questions
      • Back end support
      • Trouble shooting
      • Course and Organization questions
      • Grade book questions
    • Classrooms:
      • Walk-through each morning to ensure all classroom equipment is operational
      • Troubleshoot and repair AV equipment as needed
      • Assist instructors/coordinators in tuning on/powering up equipment
      • Assist instructors/coordinators with any special AV/Computing requirements in the classroom
      • Provide training on the use and basic set up of AV equipment in classrooms. This includes turning on system, choosing appropriate inputs on control panel, connecting laptops, basic assistance with presentation tools (Collaborate, PowerPoint, PDF etc.).
      • Please Note:
        • AITS supported classrooms: Massey, Friends, Patterson, A1-A8, B1-B17, C1-C8, T2C2, and the Virtual Anatomy Lab.
        • AITS cannot be responsible for providing, editing or downloading instructor’s content onto classroom PCs or laptops.
    • Video Conferencing Support:
      • Provide one-on-one or group/department training sessions on use of Webex, Zoom and Collaborate for use in departmental meetings and/or classes. Training includes scheduling meetings, meeting facilitation, recording access and training on webinars/larger events.
      • Assist in starting/setting up web conferencing in a classroom using room AV systems.
      • Assist and remote support in setting up/starting fully online web conferencing meetings.
      • Assist in troubleshooting user connection or audio/video issues during meetings.
      • Assist in accessing reporting data or recordings of meetings.
      • Upon special request and based on availability, AITS can to sit in and provide in-meeting support of Webex, Zoom or Collaborate meetings with 3 business-day advanced notice.
      • Please Note: AITS cannot be responsible for scheduling, starting, hosting or facilitating meetings or classes. In addition, we cannot be responsible for starting/stopping recordings of meetings.
    • Kaltura:  training and assisting with video uploads and close captioning.

    What AITS Does Not Support

    • HuskyCT: Common coordinator functions such as: One offs/small scale (<10) enrollments and removal, course group creation, course maintenance/updates, course and lecture document uploads, assessment creation and grading, and maintaining the course grade center.
    • Classroom: providing, editing, or downloading instructor’s content onto classroom PCs or laptops. Please note that coordinators are responsible for the operations of the computer and AV equipment during class activities. AITS will assist in supporting live classroom instructions upon request.
    • Kaltura: Uploading videos to Kaltura and course(s), manage closed captioning,
    • Video Conferencing (Collaborate/WebEx/Zoom): creation of physical and virtual meeting room activities (sessions, rooms, and events);  managing live physical and virtual meeting activities;  starting/stopping recordings of meetings.

    If you need assistance from an AITS staff for a future activity (such as a virtual meeting or webinar, classroom instruction) or would like to schedule a training, please complete the form below:

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