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    Technology Enhanced Remote Learning

    We have composed a list of guidelines and recommendations to help the students enhance their remote learning experience. We will update this page frequently, so be sure to visit this page periodically.

    Secure High-speed internet: A reliable connection is of the utmost importance when telecommuting. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and make sure you are getting optimal speeds. In the Farmington area, ISPs offer Internet download speeds of 300+ MBPS.

    A Wired Connection: Whenever possible, we suggest using a wired connection, especially in situation that require uninterrupted connection such when taking exams or attending online classes. Make sure to purchase a long enough Ethernet cable to reach your Wi-Fi router and ensure that it has at least one Ethernet port free to use.

    Peripherals: Using a headset that includes a microphone is extremely useful tools when telecommuting to reduce external sound. Some may also find using an external keyboard/mouse and external monitor helpful while working from home. These devices can be connected to your laptop by way of the USB and HDMI ports and can be purchased on Amazon, Best Buy, or other places electronics are sold.

    A Dedicated Workspace: It’s best to attend online classes in a quiet/private space while telecommuting. This allows you as well as those in class with you to have a better experience by way of minimizing background noise. Also, make sure this area has a solid flat surface to allow for airflow in order to minimize overheating.

    On Campus Resources: If you have a poor internet connection at home or do not have access to a home network, consider working from campus to take advantage of our robust enterprise network. While on campus, you can study in any of the classroom when there are no in person classes taking place, or use the Schafer Study Rooms, which have 24/7 badge access for students.