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    HuskyCT Workshops (Pre-Recorded)

    The following workshops have been pre-recorded and are available for Faculty and Staff to view. If there are further questions or need for additional instruction or learning please contact Breanne Bernstein to setup a time for 1 on 1 instruction.

    HuskyCT Training for New Adjuncts and Faculty, August 14, 1 hr, 12 mins:

    Developing and Building Tests, Surveys, and Pools, Aug. 15, 1 hr, 34 mins:

    Exploring HuskyCT for Future Courses, Aug. 17, 1 hr, 42 mins:

    Using Rubrics in HuskyCT, Aug. 17, 32 mins:

    Organizing Course Materials in HuskyCT, Sept. 5, 1 hr, 31 mins:

    HuskyCT Grade Center Basics: Sept. 21, 1 hr, 29 mins: