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    You will utilize multiple network/computer accounts during your years of study at UConn. Below is a description of each and instruction on how to obtain support.

    (1) UConn Network ID (NetID)

    At UConn Health, students use NetID to access a number of computer systems and applications, including HuskyCT (Blackboard Learning Management System), MS Office 365 and OneDrive, etc.). Students can find their NetID and reset their password by accessing this self-service NetID website

    (2) Clinical Applications

    Students who need to access clinical applications directly or through a computer gateway such as Citrix must contact the main IT Help Desk at 860-679-4400 for assistance with their account.

    (3) UConn Health Active Directory Account

    Students utilize their UConn Health Active Directory (AD) account (username/password) to access the UConn Health network and applications, including email. Please follows the guidelines and instructions below to manage your account.

    Password Requirements

    • Passwords expire every 90 days and must be changed
    • You cannot reuse one of your last 5 passwords
    • Passwords must be at least 6 characters in length
    • Passwords cannot contain your username or parts of your full name that exceed 2 consecutive characters
    • Passwords must contain characters from 3 of the following 4 categories:
      • English UPPERCASE characters (A-Z)
      • English lowercase characters (a-z)
      • Base 10 digits (0-9)
      • Non-alphabetic characters (ex. ! $ # %)
    • Minimum password age is 5 days (this means once you change your password you cannot change it again for another 5 days)

    Reset Password while connected the UConn Health Campus (call ext. 4400 for assistance).

    Account Lockout

    Accounts are locked out after 3 invalid logon attempts. Once an account is locked it is locked out for 5 minutes. To unlock an account you may wait 5 minutes and try to logon again or contact the IT Help Desk at 860-679-4400.