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    Instructional Design

    Instructional designers help faculty analyze their curriculum and course needs, and develop materials and activities to meet their educational objectives. Instructional designers use learning and instructional theory to design content that enhances student learning. By understanding various methods to present content, instructional designers can help faculty brainstorm and create various types of content for their courses. Working in conjunction with our Instructional Technology Specialist, and our Educational Technology Trainer, our team helps faculty create content that can be presented to students through HuskyCT.

    The team has a wide array of tools at their disposal to help faculty enhance their course materials. These tools include Photoshop for static image creation/manipulation, Premiere for video editing, and Articulate Storyline 3 for creating interactive e-learning content such as software demonstrations and simulations, and branched scenarios. Adobe Captivate is also used to create e-learning modules.

    Our team is available to evaluate your learning objectives and curricular materials that include visual aids, learning activities, and assessments. They can also review part or all of a curricula in order to identify areas where technology and multimedia may enhance teaching and student learning. Our staff are committed to helping you turn traditional lectures into e-learning modules, accessible to students through HuskyCT.

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    Abnormal Breath Sounds Story

    Click the image to see how our instructional designer converted a static PowerPoint presentation (in the Delivery of Clinical Care DoCC course) into an interactive storyline.

    Functional Anatomy and Pathology of Placenta

    Click the image to see an interactive presentation on functional anatomy and the pathology of the human placenta.

    Help & Support

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    1. An Introduction to Course Design (8:43 minutes by S. Slota)