Mold and Moisture CME Course

Mold and Moisture CME Course – Guidance For Clinicians

Patients present to primary care services with symptoms and health concerns that require consideration of environmental factors. In some cases, patients’ exposure to mold and moisture in their homes, offices, schools, and workplaces may be having a significant effect. This course includes guidance designed to help the healthcare provider address patients with illnesses related to mold in the indoor environment by providing a background understanding of how mold may be affecting patients. With an appreciation of the time pressures in the clinical medical setting today, the course describes “tools” to help the provider evaluate the patient and help the practitioner explore environmental relationships to illness.

The course can be found here: Mold and Moisture CME Course

Part 1: Health Effects Related to Mold and Moisture in Indoor Environments

Part 2:Resources for Health Providers: Preventing Respiratory Disease in Patients who are Exposed to Damp Moldy Environments


We are very pleased to welcome George W. Moore, M.D., M.Sc., FACPM, FACOEM, who joins the Division as an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Director of the Clinic. Dr. Moore is a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine and of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. He joins us having most recently served as Medical Director at Saint Francis Occupational Clinic in Windsor, CT.


Michael Erdil MD, FACOEM, gave the following presentations;

Harvard School of Public Health. Resident Education. Opioid Prescribing Considerations in Workers’ Compensation. Boston MA. Aug 11, 2017.  Neighborhood Health Plan. Spine Surgery Considerations and Guidelines. Boston, MA. Aug 18, 2017.

Harvard School of Public Health. Grand Rounds. Current Recommendations and Patient Education Regarding the Management of Low Back Pain. Co-presentors Michael Chin HSPH, Dominic LoRusso, Director of Health Partnerships for Consumer Reports Health and Choosing Wisely. Boston MA. Sept 29, 2017.


Award Announcements

Drs. Jennifer Cavallari and Alicia Dugan of UConn Health were recently awarded a grant entitled “Changes in the way we work: the non-standard workday and worker and family health” from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This 2.5 year grant will study the impacts of extended and irregular work days (EIWD) on workers’ and families’ health and well-being. A survey will be distributed amongst workers and their families within transportation, corrections, and manufacturing industries. Design teams will be used to plan intervention strategies that address the effects of EIWD.

Paula Schenck, M.P.H received an award from the Connecticut Department of Public Health for providing collaborative and consultative expertise in occupational illness and injury surveillance, intervention and education.