Below are a list of CPH-NEW Presentations given at the APA/NIOSH Work, Stress, and Health Conference – Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities, June 7-10, 2017

Cavallari, J., Burch, K., Dugan, A., Henning, R. Safety climate, job control and the use of hearing protection devices in a variable noise environment.

Cavallari, J. Measuring integration in Total Worker Health: The Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workforce Participatory Framework

 Namazi et al. Association of work schedule with adverse health behaviors, health climate, and obesity

Cherniack, M. Chair Dugan, A. Workforce Health Assessment and Intervention Planning With Correctional Supervisors Using Participatory Action Research

 Tubbs, D. Is Correctional Officer Health Worsened With More Overtime Hours Worked?

 Pfeiffer, C. Relative Weights Analysis of Key Factors To Stress In New Correctional Officers

 Hanrahan, J. The Role of Social Support in Organizational Health Climate in Corrections

Cherniack, M. et al. Indoor air quality remediation by corrections officers: Total Worker Health



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