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Supervisor Guide to the EAP

The purpose of this guide is to assist you, the supervisor or manager, in understanding and implementing the important role you play in your Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Your employer is committed to assisting employees whose personal problems or work/life challenges may be affecting their job performance. Supervisors have a responsibility to support their employees in maintaining satisfactory performance. If employees demonstrate a decline in performance due to personal problems or work/life challenges, supervisors should encourage them to seek help through the EAP to address these problems. This guide provides specific information on how to make EAP referrals. If you have any questions or if you need help on any aspect of the program, contact the EAP at 860-679-2877 or (Connecticut toll-free) 800-852-4392.

EAP Policy Statement

Your employer is committed to providing the necessary services to assist employees in the identification and resolution of personal problems or work/life challenges that affect job performance. To meet this objective, an Employee Assistance Program has been established. The objective of the EAP is to reduce problems in the workforce and to retain valued employees.

It is recognized that problems of a personal nature, not directly associated with one’s job, can have an adverse effect on an employee’s job performance. It is also a fact that early identification and intervention results in less-intensive treatment and lower medical costs, benefiting both the employee and the employer. Additionally, early identification of a problem results in fewer disruptions in the employee’s work and personal life and leads to a healthier work/life balance for the employee.