Other Injuries & Illnesses

Medical exam

Same-Day Convenient Care for Acute Conditions

Although our focus is on preventing and managing health problems that are related to work activities, we know that the majority of illnesses and injuries are not work-related. However, it may be difficult for you to obtain prompt medical care for unexpected problems. We understand this and wish to help. All our physicians and advanced practice registered nurses have extensive experience in general ambulatory medicine. We are happy to provide same-day convenient care during our normal operating hours.

We are happy to see not just UConn Health employees, but anyone who is based on our campus, including volunteers, students, residents and the employees of Jackson Labs or health center contractors. Visits will be billed to the your health insurance, and the usual co-pays and deductibles will apply.

Do I Need to Be Seen?

People are often unsure whether they need to seek medical care. No one wants to overreact to something very minor or ignore something that could be serious or that could be helped by medical attention. Many organizations try to help people make this decision, as well as inform them about conditions that might be diagnosed at a professional visit. Two such organizations are WebMD and MedlinePlus.

WebMD offers information on many common conditions, explaining the disease and its usual management. The section “Symptoms A–Z“ is designed to help you understand the significance of that cough, pain, rash, or whatever you are feeling. Their goal is not to replace medical professionals or make specific diagnoses, but the information is useful whether you choose self-care or professional attention. The site is supported by advertising. Mobile versions are available for Android and iOS.

MedlinePlus is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. It covers many illnesses, prescription medications, and herbals and supplements. Also available in Spanish.