Month: August 2023

Kepeng Wang Receives 2023 Osborn Award for Excellence in Biomedical Science Graduate Teaching

Dr. Kepeng Wang, Assistant Professor in the Department of Immunology, was selected as the 2023 recipient of the Osborn Award for Excellence in Biomedical Science Graduate Teaching.  This award recognizes a UConn Health Graduate School faculty member for his or her commitment to providing the best education in the classroom and training in the laboratory. Congratulations Dr. Wang!

Dr. Kepeng Wang

Skylar Wright wins first place for best oral presentation at the 2023 Graduate Student Research Day

Congratulations to Graduate Student Skylar Wright for receiving first place for best oral presentation at the 2023 Graduate Student Research Day. Skylar is a member of Dr. Vijay Rathinam’s laboratory, and her project focuses on understanding how pyroptosis--an inflammatory form of cell death--is able to cause death in unstimulated bystander cells and contribute to widespread inflammation during bacterial infections.

Skylar Wright, Dr. Vijay Rathinam

Kristina Delgado wins first place for best poster presentation at the 2023 Graduate Student Research Day

Congratulations to Graduate Student Kristina Delgado for receiving first place for best poster presentation at the 2023 Graduate Student Research Day.   Kristina’s project centers around the development of a vaccine against Treponema pallidum (Tp)the causative agent of syphilis. With the guidance and support of her mentors, Drs. Justin Radolf and Kelly Hawley, and in collaboration with the Spirochete Research Laboratories, Kristina employs a learning-from-nature approach that exploits the ability of Tp-infected rabbits to clear syphilitic infection. Kristina's project focuses on dissecting the antigenic profile of the Tpß-barrel-forming outer membrane proteins (OMPs), specifically the surface-exposed extracellular loops, to inform vaccine candidate selection. Kristina’s achievements not only advance our understanding of the antibody response elicited by Tp, they also could revolutionize strategies for development of a much-needed, globally efficacious syphilis vaccine.

Kristina Delgado

Alyssa and Keaton receive recognition at upcoming CHARGE meeting in San Antonio, Texas

Congratulations to MD/PhD Student Keaton Karlinsey and Graduate Student Alyssa Matz from Dr. Beiyan Zhou’s lab, who received invitations to give short oral presentations at the CHARGE meeting on October 10-12, 2023, in San Antonio, Texas.   Keaton’s project relates to developing a risk assessment model for cardiovascular diseases using novel computer algorithms.  Alyssa received a competitive travel award to present her exciting discovery on aging B cell response to vaccination using an innovative computational program, B-RAY.

Alyssa Matz, Dr. Beiyan Zhou, Keaton Karlinsey