Immunology Graduate Program

Immunology Graduate Program

The Immunology Graduate Program focuses on educating and training students to become independent investigators and educators who will contribute to expanding knowledge in the areas of basic and/or applied immunology. This goal will be achieved by coursework, research seminars, laboratory experience, presentations, experimental work, and review of the literature of immunology. The program will develop the student’s ability to conceive and solve experimental problems, critically evaluate data and communicate information. Graduates of the Immunology Graduate Program at UConn Health should become productive members of a community of scientists that increase our understanding and application of the basic principles of immunity to the treatment and prevention of disease.

**Admissions Note**
The GRE General Exam is no longer required NOR considered for admission to the Biomedical Science PhD program. 

The application for Fall 2024 will open in mid-September. The deadline for application, application fee, and supporting materials for Fall 2024 is December 1, 2023. For detailed application information, please visit our Admissions Process page.