Month: October 2023

Dr. Kepeng Wang’s Paper Published in APSB

Congratulations to Dr. Kepeng Wang for having his paper, “Cancer immunotherapy with enveloped self-amplifying mRNA CARG-2020 that modulates IL-12,  IL-17 and PD-L1 pathways to prevent tumor recurrence” published in Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B (APSB). The paper describes a novel oncolytic viral therapy for cancers that incorporates payloads targeting IL-12, IL-17, and PD-L1 signaling. Successful eradication of established colon and liver tumors in mouse models points to the agent’s potential in future clinical use in humans. Former postdoctoral fellow Dr. Ju Chen from Dr. Kepeng Wang’s lab is the leading author of the publication.  Please use this link to access the publication:

Dr. Kepeng Wang