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The cutting-edge of immunology and cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death globally. Scientists at UConn Health formed the Immuno-Cardio Group to harness the power of different disciplines, such as vascular biology, immunology, genetics, nutrition, and aging, in the quest to solve this major health care problem. The group is using multiple state-of-the-art transomics approaches, including computational and animal models to lead the nation in discovering new solutions to this unmet clinical need.

Presentation Schedule

21-Oct-22 Murphy Lab, Sarah-Anne (with some data from Chris P.)
18-Nov-22 Yue Lab - Pengyu
16-Dec-22 Vella Lab - Tima
20-Jan-23 TBD
10-Feb-23 TBD
10-Mar-23 Fan Lab - Yuanyuan
7-Apr-23 TBD