Class of 2020

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Sarah Cryer, M.D.
Lauren Ditrio, M.D.
Sawyer Emmer, M.D.
Erin Fee, D.O.
Jessica Lovesky, M.D.
Alexandra Loza, D.O.
Alexis Newmark, M.D.
Amanda O’Meara, M.D.
Nikki Rubin, M.D.
Alex West, M.D.

Faculty Awards

CREOG Award – Dr. Pamela Griswold
1st Year Class Teaching Award – Dr. Janice Hartnett
2nd Year Class Teaching Award – Dr. Amy Brown
3rd Year Class Teaching Award – Dr. Sarah Lindsay
4th Year Class Teaching Award – Dr. Jonathan Cosin
New Faculty Teaching Award – Dr. Erica Hammer
SASGOG Faculty Teaching Award – Dr. Shannon DeGroff
APGO Faculty Teaching Award – Dr. Elizabeth Deckers

Resident Awards

Lefcourt Award for Excellence in Academics – Dr. Hannah Hughes
Honorable Mentions – Dr. Lauren Ditrio, Dr. Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Dr. Ryan Farias
2nd Year Teaching Award – Dr. Jane Magida
2nd Year Grand Rounds Presentation – Dr. Mackenzie Woodson: “COVID-19 and Pregnancy”
SLS Award – Dr. Alex West
AAGL Chief Award – Dr. Alexis Newmark
AAGL 3rd Year Resident Award – Dr. Annemieke Wilcox

Research Awards

Dr. Spero Neckles Award for Outstanding Gynecology Research Project – Dr. Taryn White

  • Title: Contraception Counseling in Reproductive-Aged Women with Cancer
  • Mentors: Jessica Mullins, M.D., and Sarah Lindsay, M.D.

Dr. James Egan Award for Outstanding Obstetrics Research Project – Dr. Kristyn Esteves

  • Title: Granulocyte Macrophage-Colony Stimulating Factor (GM-CSF) Initiates Rupture of Membranes in a Mouse Model
  • Mentor: Christopher Nold, M.D.

Dorfman Patient Care Award – Dr. Nikki Rubin
Alumni Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching – Dr. Amanda O’Meara
Sauer Award – Dr. Amber Suleskey
MFM Award – Dr. Alexandra Loza
AUGS Award – Dr. Annemieke Wilcox
SASGOG Rising Star Award – Dr. Hannah Hughes
Pal Award – Dr. Sawyer Emmer

Gretchen Allen Award

Dr. Jane Magida
Dr. Bayan Abunar
Dr. Lauren Millett

Administrative Chiefs

Dr. Sarah Cryer
Dr. Amanda O’Meara

Denise Royer Award for Excellence in Nursing – Maria Segarra

Congratulations to all!