Chief at Graduation 2022

Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

Graduating Residents: Life After Residency

Bayan Abunar, M.D. Primary Health Solutions, Hamilton, OH
Lauren Branche-James, M.D. Advantia OB-GYN Shady Grove, Rockville, MD
Stephanie Hallisey, M.D. Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI) Fellowship, University of Connecticut
Ryan Farias, M.D. Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship, University of Virginia
Jacqueline Fleuriscar, M.D. Kaiser Permanente, Baltimore Harbor, MD
Kristen Moriarty, M.D. Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship, University of Connecticut
Lauren McMahon, M.D. Caremount Medical, Poughkeepsie, NY
Sindhuja Ranganathan, D.O. Generations OB/GYN, New Haven, CT
Amber Suleskey, D.O. NYU Langone Health, Brooklyn, NY
Isha Vasudeva, M.D. Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship, University of Vermont

Faculty Awards

CREOG Award - Dr. Christine LaSala
1st Year Class Teaching Award - Dr. Alex West
2nd Year Class Teaching Award - Dr. Ellen Lamb
3rd Year Class Teaching Award - Dr. Sarah Lindsay
4th Year Class Teaching Award - Dr. Jennifer Jorgensen
New Faculty Teaching Award - Dr. Grace Bundens
APGO Faculty Teaching Award - Dr. Karen Haverly

Resident Awards

Lefcourt Award for Excellence in Academics - Dr. Audrey Marinelli
Honorable Mentions - Dr. Lauren McMahon, Dr. Anna Manetta, Dr. Laura Peyton Ellis
2nd Year Teaching Award - Dr. Kachenta Descartes
2nd Year Grand Rounds Presentation - Dr. Kimberly Forlenza, “Medical Management Options for Endometriosis

Research Awards

  • Dr. Spero Neckles Award for Outstanding Gynecology Research Project - Dr. Madison Buchman
    • Title: Intraoperative Ultrasound Evaluation of Mid-Urethral Sling Position: With and Without Apical Suspension
  • Dr. James Egan Award for Outstanding Obstetrics Research Project - Dr. Lucille Howard
    • Title: Factors Associated with DCF Referral Using a Universal Toxicology Testing Approach to Screen for Substance Use in Pregnancy

Dorfman Patient Care Award - Dr. Bayan Abunar
Alumni Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching - Dr. Stephanie Hallisey
Sauer Award for Dedication in Teaching Medical Students - Dr. Laura Peyton Ellis
Pal Award for Dedication in Teaching Residents - Dr. Lauren McMahon

Gretchen Allen Awards for Dedication in the Clinics:

  • Dr. Nili Amir
  • Dr. Kachenta Descartes
  • Dr. Rose Emlein

SLS Award - Dr. Grace Bundens
AAGL 3rd Year Resident Award - Dr. Adrienne Schmidt
SMFM Award - Dr. Audrey Marinelli
AUGS Award - Dr. Laura Cheng
SASGOG Rising Star Award - Dr. Britton Gibson
SREI Award - Dr. Louisa Drake
SGO Award - Dr. Dillon Paulo

Ryan Award in Family Planning - Dr. Natali Senocak

Administrative Chiefs - Thank You!

  • Dr. Jacqueline Fleuriscar
  • Dr. Kristen Moriarty

Denise Royer Award for Excellence in Nursing - Connie Levesque

Congratulations to all!