Curriculum – Ambulatory Care Medicine

  • The residency runs a block schedule so that all residents will spend multiple dedicated two week sessions recurring throughout the three years. During ambulatory blocks sessions are split up into morning and afternoon. All residents will have several sessions per week that consists of seeing continuity clinic patients, a panel of their own patients that they act as the primary care provider for. Additional patient care sessions may be spent in the general ambulatory/urgent care or other sub-specialty outpatient clinics. Thursday mornings during ambulatory are dedicated educational half days. For our PGY1 class, Wednesday mornings during ambulatory are dedicated to scholarship/skills sessions which teaches the fundamentals of reviewing medical literature, QI, patient safety and other key concepts that will help them become successful throughout their training.
  • Educational experiences on all of these ambulatory rotations include ambulatory morning reports, journal clubs, quality improvement/panel management time, lectures on appropriate documentation and medical billing and coding, and a curriculum on telephone medicine management, with the PGY2 and PGY3 residents taking at-home telephone call for the clinics for several days during the rotation. Each year, each clinic/resident will pick a quality improvement project to perform in the clinic setting. Recent projects included looking at immunization rates for our clinic population, cancer screening rates, and the quality of care delivered to our patients with heart failure and diabetes.