Clinician-Educator Track

The Clinician-Educator Track at UConn’s Internal Medicine Program is designed for residents who envision a career in academic medicine. It provides future educators with the opportunity to develop the skills required to become clinician-educators, role models and mentors for younger generations of physician.

In addition to participating in all the teaching programs offered by the residency program, residents in the clinician-educator track will get advanced training in educational methodologies so that they will be able to:

  • Teach effectively in a variety of educational settings
  • Set expectations, evaluate and provide meaningful feedback to learners
  • Design educational curricula and write effective test questions
  • Participate in educational research to assess the value of curricular elements
  • Develop the leadership skills necessary to lead group discussions, mentor junior colleagues and advance educational programs

A variety of educational experiences create a dynamic and innovative educational opportunity for residents in the clinician-educator track. There will be interactive small group sessions to review the key elements teaching; one-on-one mentorship with a master educator who will provide ongoing guidance and feedback to each resident in the track; use of an electronic portfolio for self-reflection and journaling of experiences; videotaped review of teaching sessions in our clinical skills lab where residents in our clinician-educator track will serve as patient-instructors providing feedback to medical students on their communication and clinical skills; interprofessional learning activities with health professionals from other UConn schools (Nursing and Pharmacy); on-line learning modules supplemented with on-line and in-person collaboration allow residents to learn at their own pace.

Outline of Clinician-Educator Track

PGY Year Summer Fall Spring
PGY1 Selected Readings:

  • Theory and Practice of Teaching Medicine
  • Methods for Teaching Medicine
Selected Readings:

  • Teaching in the Hospital
  • Methods for Teaching/Evaluation in Classroom; Small Group Facilitation
PGY2 Selected Readings:

  • Teaching in the Hospital
  • Leadership in Medical Education
  • PCM Precepting
  • Health Professions Education Course 1
  • PCM Precepting
  • Educational Research Project
  • Health Professions Education Course 2
  • Educational Research Project
  • Health Professions Education Course 3
  • Educational Research Project
  • PCM Precepting
  • Clinical Skills Lab Patient-Instructor
  • Inpatient Preceptor for 3rd Year Medicine Clerkship
  • PCM Precepting
  • Clinical Skills Lab Patient-Instructor
  • Inpatient Preceptor for 3rd Year Medicine Clerkship
  • Physical Diagnosis Elective*
  • ACGME Leadership Skills Training Workshop

* Optional experiences; participants may also take courses in the Masters of Clinical and Translational Research Program (grant writing, etc), in the M.P.H. program (epidemiology, health policy, etc.), or may earn their Medical Education Research Certificate through participation in the AAMC’s MERC program.

PCM: Principles of Clinical Medicine, a clinical reasoning and clinical skills course for first and second year medical students. Residents will be paired with an experienced attending physician co-preceptor ½ day per week on non-call rotations.

Each resident in the Clinician-Educator Track will be assigned a faculty mentor who will help develop an educational research project.

There will be small group discussions of selected readings with assigned faculty.

Additional Information

Residents or candidates interested in learning more about the Clinician-Educator Track within UConn’s Internal Medicine Program should contact the residency Program Director, Dr. Robert Nardino at or 860-679-2562.