Primary Care Opportunities

The University of Connecticut Internal Medicine Program has a long tradition of graduating skilled residents who enter Primary Care careers. In 2010, we expanded training opportunities for our residents interested in Primary Care. These new opportunities aim to create practice-ready physicians that excel in all aspects of care delivery.

The Internal Medicine Program received two federally-funded grants focusing on Primary Care. The first was a 2 million dollar Primary Care Expansion grant. This grant has allowed us to implement an innovative internal medicine primary care track. The residents in this unique program will integrate fully with their categorical colleagues, but will be trained to deliver care in a sophisticated, coordinated manner through team-based care in continuity clinic, a unique public health curriculum, cultural immersion experiences, a curriculum dedicated to chronic disease care paths, office management, and systems based practice in both urban and suburban settings. Residents will participate in longitudinal electives second and third year ensuring comprehensive knowledge in these specialties with alternating traditional in-patient rotations. Residents will also have the option to serve as mentors for students in our School of Medicine’s Urban Services Track. Our residents will be equipped with skills for treating underserved, culturally disparate patients in a variety of settings from a team-based approach. Upon graduating, these residents will be leaders in a new age of practicing primary care. We accept two residents each year into this track.

The second grant was a 5 million dollar VA-sponsored Centers of Excellence in Primary Care grant. Participants in this grant will receive specialized training in interprofessional teamwork and care delivery systems. The Medical Home model will teach residents how to develop the leadership skills necessary to coordinate care among various providers with a focus on quality and cost-effectiveness. Residents will lead interprofessional teams that include nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists and a variety of other ancillary staff members as the team cares for a cohort of patients in our local VA Medical Center. Objectives of this grant, which began in July 2011, are accomplished through ambulatory blocks and continuity clinics, with residents otherwise completely in sync with the rest of their residency class and schedule.

We have also developed an Office-Based medicine Track that allows for specific training in primary care and other ambulatory-based specialties; see the separate link for more details.

If you are interested in any of these exciting opportunities, feel free to contact our Program Director, Dr. Robert Nardino at or 860-679-2562.