Osteopathic Distinction

In 2016, the UConn Internal Medicine Program was granted official osteopathic distinction by the ACGME. Prior to this, the program had a “dually-accredited” ACGME/AOA program. Residents with osteopathic distinction will be fully integrated into the categorical internal medicine residency with additional curriculum focused on integrating the osteopathic philosophy into patient care as well as utilizing skills in osteopathic manipulative techniques. Residents will follow the same core curriculum of the residency program including Wards, Ambulatory Care, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Geriatrics, and Continuity Clinics. During the PGY1 year, the ambulatory block will be a dedicated four week experience with access to a osteopathic primary care physician who focuses on osteopathic techniques and has OMT clinic. Through affiliation with NEOMEN-OPTI, residents will have many opportunities for focused learning in osteopathic philosophy and techniques including biannual educational sessions held nearby in Massachusetts and virtual, and the opportunity to present their scholarly activity at the annual research and scholarship forum in Maine. An additional educational stipend is available for those residents with osteopathic distinction accepted to present scholarly work at the national ACOI meeting. Graduates with osteopathic distinction will be eligible to sit for both ABIM and AOBIM boards.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Graduates of a Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA) - accredited college of osteopathic medicine (COM).
  • Graduates meeting all eligibility requirements of the UConn Internal Medicine Program who are not graduates of a college of osteopathic medicine will be eligible if they are able to demonstrate a level of preparation prior to appointment including:
    • Structured basic Osteopathic Principles and Practice training prior to beginning residency.
    • Prior completion of elective Osteopathic Principles and Practice rotations.
    • Prior completion of Osteopathic Principles and Practice courses at a college of osteopathic medicine.

Additional Information

  • Applications will be reviewed through ERAS under the categorical internal medicine program.
  • Those applicants specifically interested in osteopathic distinction are encouraged to discuss this with program faculty during their interview day.
  • For more information regarding the osteopathic distinction, please contact the Director of Osteopathic Education, Jaclyn Cox, D.O., FACP, FACOI, at cox@uchc.edu.