Internal Medicine Residency Program

Welcome from the Program Director

Robert J. Nardino, M.D., FACP
Robert J. Nardino, M.D., MACP

Thank you for your interest in the Internal Medicine Residency Program at UConn. I invite you to look through our website to view the highlights of our training program.

The mission of the UConn Internal Medicine Residency Program is to prepare physicians to practice optimal internal medicine in the United States now and in the future, emphasizing excellence in clinical skills, cultural competence, critical analysis of the medical literature, life-long learning, and systems-based practice, with the goal of inculcating a style of practice that is safe, is cost-effective, promotes health, and responds to the needs of U.S. society.

We aim to prepare our residents to:

  • Practice general internal medicine primary care, emphasizing excellence in clinical skills and evidence-based, high-value, compassionate, culturally-competent care
  • Acquire foundation/training opportunities to be competitive for subspecialty training
  • Conduct clinical/patient safety/quality improvement research
  • Engage in quality initiatives that promote optimal systems-based, patient-centered care
  • Acquire necessary skills to teach patients and colleagues
  • Learn public health policies and community resources and be able to manage the health of populations and a personal panel of patients
  • Practice compassion for patients in everyday care, towards other members of the healthcare team, personally with attention to one’s own physical and mental well-being, and for the community with respect to community service and charity
  • Learn to work collaboratively and with collegiality in an interdisciplinary team, including competent team leadership

We have designed a dynamic curriculum and a rich environment that promotes growth and independence and prepares our residents for the next stage of their career. Whether your goal is to become a primary care physician, a hospitalist, or a sub-specialty fellow, our flexible curriculum will allow you to explore all of your academic and research interests and individualize your educational program to meet your specific career goals.

I encourage you to learn more about our program, our state-of-the-art training facilities, our innovative curriculum elements and tracks, and the greater Hartford area.

We are proud of our program, our current residents and our graduates. Our commitment to providing excellence in training has made our graduates highly sought after for faculty and fellowship positions.

Robert J. Nardino, M.D., MACP
Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program