Program Descriptions: Preliminary Medicine Program

The Preliminary Medicine Program at the University of Connecticut has always been fully integrated into the Internal Medicine Program. The Preliminary interns work side-by-side with all other Medicine Program residents, rotate through the same hospitals, and are taught by the same faculty. This program is a competitive and academically challenging year, rich in core rotations and electives. It is flexible enough to allow you to individualize your first year of residency and offers a foundation on which to build your career. We emphasize evidence-based Medicine, clinical problem-solving, and the scientific method.


The curriculum for General Inpatient Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, electives/selectives are identical in scope and depth to the Internal Medicine Residency Program’s PGY1 year. The schedule is divided into 13 four-week block rotations. You will be offered five electives, three Critical Care months and five ward rotations. You are also expected to attend a half-day continuity clinic experience in a sub-acute or walk-in setting.

Call on all core rotations is one in four and you are guaranteed one day off in seven during call rotations. There is no call on your elective rotations. You are allowed four weeks of paid vacation during your preliminary year (taken during electives) and will have the same benefit package as all of the other residency programs.

Residents rotate through the same hospitals as the Internal Medicine residents. The first year of all of the Medicine Programs has the same unique experiences, including opportunities in scholarly activities, personal and professional development, and the Clinical Skills Program. Please refer to our Program Highlights section.

Rotation Schedule

Our academic year is broken into 13 four-week blocks. Over the course of the preliminary internship year, residents will do the following number of blocks in each area below.

General Medicine/Inpatient Wards* 4.5
Intensive Care ICU/CCU* 3
Electives** 5.5

* Indicates call rotations.
** Indicates a rotation during which vacation can be taken (four weeks total per year).