Alumni Testimonials

The program is very clinically strong. We had diverse exposure to different hospitals and surgeons. A great mix of general surgery and subspecialty training. With this diversity, every trainee can find what area interests them and also identify mentors. I felt well trained when I finished and was able to really focus on my fellowship and subspecialty training. Surgically, the case volume was robust. I really enjoyed the surgeons I worked with; they all taught me different things and I am very appreciative of that. That training is certainly a part of what I do every day in caring for my patients.


Caroline Jadlowiec, M.D.
Division of Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgery
Mayo Clinic, Arizona

I always felt like I belonged from day one at UConn. The residency was my family for five years ... from fellow residents to the faculty to the hospital staff. It was a supportive learning environment where I spent some of the best years of my life and still talk to my co-chiefs and residents about life, cases and career. I also continue to keep in touch with my mentors who also became my friends and colleagues.

Nikki Goulet, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Medical Director, Surgery Intensive Care Unit
Division of Trauma, Surgical Critical Care, Emergency Surgery
NYU Langone Health