Didactic Curriculum

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Case Conference: Two-hour weekly conference based on a three-year reading curriculum. The first 13-weeks of each academic year, referred to as the “life-threat series” are repeated annually.

First and Third Wednesdays of the month. Residents break down into groups by class and focus on level-appropriate curriculum.

  • PGY1 - Focus on EKG and x-ray interpretation, specific drug therapy, laboratory testing and physical exam techniques.
  • PGY2 - Focus on practical skill sessions and procedures.
  • PGY3 - Focus on administrative and EMS practicum.

Ultrasound Series: Year-directed lessons (YDLs) are at Hartford Hospital and are in addition to multiple one-hour CORE lectures during the year. Focuses on learning practical skills of ultrasound.

Simulation Medicine: Year-directed lessons held at CESI Center in the Education Resource Building on Hartford Campus. These sessions focus on learning practical skills of medicine in a simulated patient experience.

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI): Monthly meetings held at Hartford Hospital. Case management and systems-based issues are discussed.

Journal Club: Monthly sessions held at EM faculty homes, area restaurants, or at the hospital sites. Articles are presented and discussed by residents with a critical review of current literature and statistical methods highlighted.

Grand Rounds: Fourth Wednesday of the month at Hartford Hospital in the Gilman Auditorium of the Conklin Building. Invited speaker lectures on emergency medicine topics.