Simulation Track

Simulation Mini - Fellowship Goals and Objectives

Dr. Alise Frallicciardi, M.D.

Goal: To provide formal exposure and training in simulation (medical education) to senior residents who are interested in pursuing a career in simulation.

This track will be tailored to the participant’s individual goals.


  1. To expose learners to simulation experiences across the healthcare spectrum.
  2. Exposure to research education in simulation.
  3. Administrative experience in simulation case writing, curriculum design, and curriculum implementation.
  4. Learn the basics of debriefing and teaching in an interactive learning environment.

Tasks for the Mini-fellowship

  1. Assist with the EM clerkship simulation based curriculum.
    1. Write a case.
    2. Participate in simulation cases and procedural training sessions over the year.
  2. Participate in 3-4 in-situ simulations in the UConn Health emergency department by writing cases and developing debriefing and then implementing the case.
  3. Participate in ongoing research projects in simulation based education.
  4. Participate in the medical student transition to residency simulation based elective.

Educational Content

  1. Adult learning theory.
  2. Simulation learning theory.
  3. Debriefing best practices.
  4. Curriculum Development (Kern’s).
  5. Curriculum and session assessment.
  6. Case writing.

Deliverables and Feedback

  1. Continuous constructive feedback from faculty (Dr. Ledford and Dr. Frallicciardi).
  2. Portfolio.
    1. 2-3 cases written with ancillary data in formal formatting over the year.
    2. Any presentations given should be documented.
    3. Any abstracts or research projects.