Acknowledgement of Paternity

Advanced Beneficiary Notifications

Animals in the Clinical Practice and Patient Care Areas

Assistance Requested Behavioral Intervention

Autopsy Services

Billing for Professional Services

Chronic Opioid Therapy Pain Management Agreement for Patients with Chronic Pain

Cleaning, Disinfection and Other Decontamination Steps: Sterile Processing

Conflict Resolution between Medical Staff and Medical Board

Documentation – Reduced Inpatient Nursing For COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Handling, Storage and Transport of Sterilized Items: Sterile Processing

Individual Financial Conflicts of Interest in Clinical Health Care

Indwelling Urinary Catheter/Straight Catheterization/Suprapubic Catheter: Insertion, Routine Care, and Irrigation

Interpreters/Language Access for Persons Who Are Limited English Proficient (LEP), Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Legal Sex, Sex Assigned at Birth, and Organ Inventory in Epic

Maintaining the LifePak CR Plus Defibrillator

Management of Self-Referred Mammography Patients

Medications: High Alert: Double Check Procedure

Medication Reconciliation

Open Chest: ICU Registered Nurse Responsibilities

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Pathology Specimen Transport

Pended Orders

Psychosocial / Spiritual Services for Cancer Patients

Retention, Storage and Disposal/Destruction of Medical Records

Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs

Standing Orders

Steam Sterilization and Monitoring: Sterile Processing

Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention

Timely Clinical Advice by Telephone for the Ambulatory Medical Practices

Transfer Policy for Stroke Patients Stroke Program UConn Health

Triage of the Obstetrical Patient

Tube Feedings/Enteral Nutrition (Adult)

Volume Based Tube Feeding (Adult ICU)