Abuse: Child (08-085)

Abuse: Elderly (08-086)

Acknowledgement of Paternity

Advanced Beneficiary Notifications

Aeroneb Solo System 

Allergen Patch Testing – Dermatology

Ambulatory Clinics Dress Code

Anatomic Pathology Specimen Transport

Animals in the Clinical Practice and Patient Care Areas

Ankle Brachial Index Non-Invasive Physiologic Study of the Lower Extremity Arterial System

Antepartum Fetal Testing Guideline

Assistance Requested Behavioral Intervention

Autopsy Services

Bedside Swallow Screen for the Acute Stroke Patient

Billing for Professional Services

Billing for Replacement / Recalled Implantable Cardiac Devices

Budget Process John Dempsey Hospital (04-003)

Cancellations and No Shows

Cancer Chemotherapy Ordering and Administration – Part 1: Chemotherapy Ordering

Care of the Mohs Surgery Patient – Dermatology

Cellular Phones, Portable RF Transmitters, and Cameras

Charges for Investigational Drug Services 

Chemotherapy Order Verification and Dose Preparation

Chronic Opioid Therapy Pain Management Agreement for Patients with Chronic Pain

Cleaning, Disinfection and Other Decontamination Steps: Sterile Processing

Clinical Nursing Care and Assessment of Chronic Kidney Disease Patients with Anemia Receiving Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents (ESAs) in the Ambulatory Care Setting

Collection and Logging of Laboratory Specimens

Compounding of Investigational Drugs

Confirmation of Endotracheal Tube Placement (08-083)

Conflict Resolution between Medical Staff and Medical Board

Copy and Paste Functionality in Electronic Medical Record Documentation (2013-02)

Core Patient Identifiers and Naming Convention

2021-03 Covid-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policy

Death of a Patient (07-010)

Decentralized Lab Testing Program Scope

Department of Corrections (DOC): Orientation of Authorized Staff (08-056)

Destruction and Returns of Investigational Drugs

Discharge of Ambulatory Patients After Receiving Moderate/Deep Sedation and/or Anesthesia (08-104)

Discharge Planning Process (08-029)

Discharge Planning Screening, Discharge Needs Assessment, and Long Stay Assessments

Disclosure Policy: Unanticipated Outcome/Event (11-044)

Dismissal from Care from UConn Medical Group Providers

Disposal of Illegal Substances Hazardous Items, Suspected Contraband or Weapons (11-018A)

Dobutamine Stress Echo

Documentation – Reduced Inpatient Nursing For COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Documentation Requirements for All Procedures (12-018)

DoseEdge System

Duty Hours for Residents & Fellows (08-108)

Education Mandatory (10-027)

Education of Patients and Families (08-039)

Electrically Powered Non-Patient Care Equipment (11-030)

Emergency Department Response to Patients Contaminated with Radioactive Materials (11-009)

Emergency Management Policy (11-052)

Emergent Sterile Compounding of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous CSP (Compound Sterile Preparation)

EMTALA: Qualified Medical Person (08-069)

EMTALA: On-Call Obligations of Medical Staff Physicians (08-070)

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit Utilization

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (Workflow)

Equipment Involved in Patient Injury

Evaluation: Competency Assessment System (10-023)

Exercise Stress Testing

Falls (Ambulatory Clinics, Urgent Care Centers and Infusion Clinics); Risk Identification, Prevention and Treatment

Fentanyl Transdermal Patches 

Food or Drink by Personnel in Ambulatory Care Clinics (JDH, UMG and Urgent Care Centers)

Handling, Storage and Transport of Sterilized Items: Sterile Processing

High Level Disinfection (HLD) Manual Chemical 

Holiday Decorations Policy (02-027)

Hospital Issue Notice of Non-Coverage, HINN – 12

Incident Reporting – Clinical Hospital Acquired Adverse Event, Serious Adverse Event (Never-Event), and Sentinel Event (11-017)

Individual Financial Conflicts of Interest in Clinical Health Care (2017-05)

Indwelling Urinary Catheter/Straight Catheterization/Suprapubic Catheter: Insertion, Routine Care, and Irrigation

Informed Consent, Clinical – Obtaining and Documenting

Inpatient/Outpatient Dispensing and Labeling of Investigational Drugs

Inpatient Services – Case Management

Inpatient Utilization of Investigational Drugs

Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM) (11-051)

Interpreters/Language Access for Persons Who Are Limited English Proficient (LEP), Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Intracranial Pressure Monitoring/Cerebrospinal Fluid Drainage using the Codman ESD3 External Drainage System

iPad / Camera Handling and Storage in Dermatology

IV Infusion Service and Documentation Program

Laser/Energy Based Treatments in Dermatology, Care of the Patient

Legal Sex, Sex Assigned at Birth, and Organ Inventory in Epic

Linen Utilization (08-021)

Local Anesthetic by Infiltration (Dermatology)

Maintaining the LifePak CR Plus Defibrillator

Management of Self-Referred Mammography Patients

Management of the Unit Medication Refrigerator

Massive Transfusion Protocol (08-200)

Medical Device Recall Notification (11-005)

Medical Equipment Alternate Equipment Maintenance (AEM) Assessment (11-050)

Medical Equipment Electrical Safety Inspection

Medical Equipment Management Plan (11-021)

Medical Examiner’s Care (07-011)

Medical Gas Pipeline System

Medicare Beneficiary Notification of Discharge Appeal Rights (08-068)

Medication Administration

Medication Administration: Adverse Drug Event (ADE) Reporting System

Medications: High Alert: Double Check Procedure

Medication Order Duration and Order Renewal

Medication Reconciliation

Medication Tempature Monitoring and Response


Nuclear Exercise Stress Test

Observation Status (11-037)

Obstetric Service Guideline for Dating Criteria

Open Chest: ICU Registered Nurse Responsibilities

Oral Syringe Preparation

Organ and Tissue Donation (07-016)

Outpatient Observation Services (MOON)

Pathology Specimen Transport

Patient Complaints and Grievances

Patient Lost Items (11-007)

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

PDT/Aminolevulinic Acid (AVA) and Photodynamic combination therapy in the treatment of Actinic Keratosis

Pended Orders

Pepper Spray or Foam: Use of In JDH/UCHS (08-043)

Pharmaceutical Acquisition

Pharmacist Review of Admitted Patients in Emergency Department (ED)/Perioperative Anesthetic Care Unit (PACU)

Pharmacist Review of Intravenous Heparin Infusions

Pharmacist/Technician Competency Assessment

Pharmacy Controlled Substance Compliance & Monitoring Program

Phototherapy: Care of the Patient

Phototherapy PUVA Treatment

Phototherapy – EXCIMER Laser Care of the Patient

Police Services (11-011)

Portable Ultrasound

Preoperative Transfusion Services: Extended Type & Screen and Day of Surgery (08-081)

Prescription Pad Distribution

Provider Enrollment

Provision of Services in Isolated Areas

Psychosocial / Spiritual Services for Cancer Patients

Pulmonary Hypertension Evaluation 

Quality Management: Electrical Equipment (11-004)

Receipt, Storage and Records of Inpatient and Outpatient Investigational Drugs

Regadenoson Pharmacologic Stress Test

Remote Cardiac Device Monitoring

Rental, Demo, Loaner and Other Non-Hospital Owned Patient Care Equipment Used By John Dempsey Hospital Staff

C-020 Repackaging Medications

Reporting Adverse Medical Device Incidents (11-032)

Reporting Cases to the Police (11-016)

Request for Blood Components and Audit Criteria for Blood Component Usage (08-019)

Retention, Storage and Disposal/Destruction of Medical Records (2014-06)

Role of the Radiologist in the Ordering and Administration of Contrast Agents

Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs

Safe Handling of Liquid Nitrogen

Safety Policy (02-007)

Six (6) Minute Walk Test

Standing Orders

Standing Order for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) Vaccine

Steam Sterilization and Monitoring: Sterile Processing

Storage and Billing of Pediatric Vaccines for Connecticut Vaccine Program

Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention

Taxi (08-001)

Temperature Storage of Investigational Drugs

Timely Clinical Advice by Telephone for the Ambulatory Medical Practices

Tissue Management (08-076)

Transesophageal Echo Protocol

Transfer Policy for Stroke Patients Stroke Program UConn Health

Transitions of Care/Handover for Residents and Fellows (08-107)

Transportation of Patients from Ambulatory Clinics to Emergency Department

Triage of the Obstetrical Patient

Tube Feedings/Enteral Nutrition (Adult)

Tumor Registry/Cancer Registry (12-008)

Use of Botox Injection for Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Use of Collodion in EEG Testing

Use of On-Site Physician Advisor (PA) Secondary Review

Venereal Disease Treatment of a Minor (07-001)

Volume Based Tube Feeding (Adult ICU)

Volunteer Health Requirements (02-031)