Information Technology

2003-09: Breaches of Privacy and Security of Protected Health Information (PHI) and Confidential Data

2003-04: Business Associates Contracts (Privacy and Security of PHI)

2003-31: Data Classification and Use Policy (Privacy and Security of Electronic Information)

2011-04: Electronic Communication of Confidential Data

2007-07: Information Technology Computer/Electronic Resource Use Policy

2008-03: Mobile Computing Device (MCD) Security

2006-14: Purchase/Development of Institutional Systems

2005-03: UConn Health HIPAA Security Administration

2005-04: UConn Health HIPAA Security Facility Access Control

2005-07: UConn Health HIPAA Security Information Activity Review

2005-06: UConn Health HIPAA Security Information Systems Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

2005-08: UConn Health HIPAA Security Risk Management, Evaluation, and Audit

2005-10: UConn Health HIPAA Security Virus Protection Policy

2011-02: UConn Health Information Security: Acceptable Use

2011-01: UConn Health Information Security: Data Authentication, Physical Safeguards

2003-07: UConn Health Training of Workforce: HIPAA Privacy and Security

2011-03: UConn Health Information Security – Systems Access Control

2014-08: UConn Health Information Security – Wireless Network

2003-45: Use of Spam Prevention Technology