O to Z

OB Patients with COVID-19 Guideline

Observation Status (11-037)

Obstetric Service Guideline for Dating Criteria

2011-05: Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens – Evaluation and Treatment

2005-13: Occupational Health Surveillance Program for All Employees Who Are Involved with Laboratory Animal Work

Open Chest: ICU Registered Nurse Responsibilities

Opioid Antagonists, Availability and Use of
(University-wide Policy)

Oral Syringe Preparation

Organ and Tissue Donation (07-016)

Orientation Training Pharmacy Staff

Ostomy Care

Outpatient Cervical Ripening Clinical Guideline

Outpatient Observation Services (MOON)

Oxytocin Administration for Induction/Augmentation of Labor

2007-12: Overpayments from Healthcare Insurance Programs – Management of Systemic and/or Substantial Overpayments

Packaging of Instruments

Pathology Specimen Transport

Patient Complaints and Grievances

Patient Identification (08-099)

2003-19: Patient Privacy Complaints

Patient Lost Items (11-007)

Patient-Owned Medication Pumps (Internal or External): Management of

2020-11: Patient Right to Access Their PHI in a Designated Record Set

2020-12: Patient Right to Request Amendment to Health Information

2003-15: Patient Right to Request Alternative Methods of Communications

2003-14: Patient Right to Request Restrictions on Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information 

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

2003-17A: Patient Right to View His/Her Medical/Dental/Research and/or Billing Record – 11/2/20 deleted and combined with Patients’ Right to Access Their PHI in a Designated Record Set policy

2002-40: Payment Error Protection: Medicare Reimbursement

PDT/Aminolevulinic (AVA) and Photodynamic Combination Therapy in the Treatment of Actinic Keratosis

Pended Orders

Pepper Spray of Foam: Use of in JDH/UCHS (08-043)

2015-02: Permanent Residency Petitions

2002-46: Persons with Disabilities

Pharmaceutical Acquisition

Pharmacist Review of Admitted Patients in Emergency Department (ED)/Perioperative Anesthetic Care Unit (PACU)

Pharmacist Review of Intravenous Heparin Infusions

Pharmacist Medication Order Intervention

Pharmacist Medication Reconciliation for Patients on Antiretrovirals

Pharmacist/Technician Competency Assessment

Pharmacy Controlled Substance Compliance and Monitoring Program

Pharmacy Medical Record Documentation

2005-14: Photo Identification of Patients

Phototherapy: Care of the Patient

Phototherapy PUVA Treatment

Phototherapy – EXCIMER Laser Care of the Patient

Police Services (11-011)

2021-07 Policy on Code Compliance for University Events and Projects

Portable Ultrasound

2002-02: Postdoctoral Research Fellows Employment, Mentoring, and Career Development

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Rabies Vaccination Protocol

2004-09: Pre-Award Accounts

Pregnancy Policy

Preoperative Transfusion Services: Extended Type and Screen and Day of Surgery (08-081)

Preparation and Assembly of Instruments

Prescription Pad Distribution

Prevention and Reporting of Fraud and Fiscal Irregularities
(University-wide Policy)

Privacy Definitions

2003-12: Privacy Practices: UConn Health Notice to Patients (Privacy and Security of Protected Health Information (PHI))

Problem List

Procedural Assistance by RN Under Direct Supervision by Physician 

Process Verification and Quality Monitoring

2021-02 Procurement: Acquisition of Goods, Services and Real Estate

2002-06: Procurement of Goods and Services
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2015-06: Procurement Sourcing and Supplier Selection

Protection of Minors and Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect
(University-wide Policy)

Provider Enrollment

Provision of Services in Isolated Areas

Psychosocial / Spiritual Services for Cancer Patients

Pulmonary Hypertension Evaluation

2006-14: Purchase/Development of IT Institutional Systems

2006-19: Purchasing Approval Authority

2006-27: Purchasing A-14: Loaning of Vendor-owned Equipment – Deleted 2/1/21

Radiology Report Turn-Around Time

Rapid Response System – Upper Campus Only (08-055)

Receipt, Storage and Records of Inpatient and Outpatient Investigational Drugs

2002-04: Reclassification of Filled Positions RETIRED

2006-10: Reconciliation of Clinical Research Funds

2003-02:  Documentation and Retention of HIPAA Compliance Records

Refusal of Blood Transfusion and/or Blood Products (07-014)

Regadenoson Pharmacologic Stress Test

Remote Cardiac Device Monitoring

Rental, Demo, Loaner and Other Non-Hospital Owned Patient Care Equipment Used By John Dempsey Hospital Staff

C-020 Repackaging Medications

Reporting Adverse Medical Device Incidents (11-032)

Reporting Cases to the Police (11-016)

Request for Blood Components and Audit Criteria for Blood Component Usage (08-019)

Respiratory Protection Program: Respirator Usage for Airborner Infectious Agents

Restricted and Concurrently – Monitored Antimicrobials

Retention, Storage, and Disposal/Destruction of Medical Records (2014-06)

2002-29: Revenue Recognition
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2002-41: Review and Approval of Research Involving Animal Subjects

2002-42: Review and Approval of Research Involving Human Subjects

Role of the Radiologist in the Ordering and Administration of Contrast Agents

Rounding of Intravenous Blood Factors

2002-03: Rules of Conduct

Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs

Safe Handling of Liquid Nitrogen

Safety Policy (02-007)

2014-04: Sanctions for Privacy and Security Violations

Seclusion: Management of Patient in Seclusion 

Self-Administration of Medications

2008-05: Senior/Key Personnel and Committed Effort – Deleted and Replaced by University-wide Effort on Sponsored Program Activities
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

Self-Administration of Medications

Separation Policy for Unclassified Board of Trustees Exempt Managers and Confidential Employees
(University-wide Policy)

Sickle Cell Vaso-Occlusive Pain Management Using High Dose Continuous and PCA Opioids Infusions

2021-06: Single Business Office Credit and Collections

Six (6) Minute Walk Test

2010-02: Smoke and Tobacco-Free Environment

2009-01: Space Management Policy

Speech Pathology: Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES)

Sponsored Award Closeout
(University-wide Policy)

2002-17: Sponsored Project Payments
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2002-22: Sponsored Projects Closeout – Deleted 12/4/19. See University-wide Sponsored Award Closeout
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2015-09: Sponsorship Policy, Guidelines, and Approval

2009-06: Stabilization of Charges for Clinical Research Trials

Standing Orders

Standing Order for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) Vaccine

2016-02: Stark and Anti-Kickback Compliance

2006-18: Statutory Authority to Purchase and Contract, UConn Health Policy on

Steam Autoclave Cleaning

Steam Sterilization and Monitoring: Sterile Processing

Storage and Billing of Pediatric Vaccines for Connecticut Vaccine Program

2007-03: Storage in Main Building Lab Area Corridors

Suicide Risk Screening, Assessment and Safety Intervention

Surgical Attire

Surgical Implants and Explants

2006-02: Suspension or Termination of IRB Approval Imposed by Administrative Officers
(Human Subjects Protection Office)

Sustainable Design and Construction (LEED Policy)
(University-wide Policy)

2011-03 Systems Access Control

Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) Post Resuscitated Cardiac Arrest

Taxi (08-001)

2016-03: Telecommuting

Teleradiology Policy and Guidelines

Temperature Storage of Investigational Drugs

2004-03: Tenured Faculty Minimum Guaranteed Academic Salary

Timely Clinical Advice by Telephone for the Ambulatory Medical Practices

Tissue Management (08-076)

Transesophageal Echo Protocol

2010-04: Transfer of Research Equipment and/or Other Assets to Another Institution

Transfer Policy for Stroke Patients Stroke Program UConn Health

Transitions of Care/Handover for Residents and Fellows (08-107)

Transportation of Patients from Ambulatory Clinics to Emergency Department

2017-03: Travel and Entertainment

Triage of the Obstetrical Patient

Tube Feedings/Enteral Nutrition (Adult)

2002-53: Tuition Waiver

Tumor Registry/Cancer Registry (12-008)

2002-36: Types of Sponsored Programs
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

UConn Fire Paramedic Kits

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Use

2002-05: Unallowable Costs/Administrative Costs
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

Unit Dose Cart Fill

Unit Inspections

2002-09: University Service Centers/Recharge Centers
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

Urinary Catheter (Indwelling): Order and Removal

2021-05: Uses and Disclosures of Directory Information Under HIPAA

2003-25: Uses and Disclosures of PHI Involving Family, Friends, and Others

2003-08: Use and Disclosure of PHI by Whistleblowers and Workforce Member Crime Victims (Privacy and Security of PHI)

2003-28: Use and Disclosure of PHI for Research Purposes (Privacy and Security of PHI) – RETIRED

2003-27: Use and Disclosure of PHI Where Authorization or Opportunity for Patient to Agree or Object Is NOT Required (Privacy and Security of PHI) – Deleted – See Notice of Privacy Practices

Use of Collodion in EEG Testing

Use of Botox Injection for Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Use of On-Site Physician Advisor (PA) Secondary Review

2014-07: Use of Protected Health Information (PHI) in Education

2003-45: Use of Spam Prevention Technology – Policy Deleted 6/3/19

Venereal Disease Treatment of a Minor (07-001)

2003-20: Verification of Individuals Requesting Protected Health Information

2014-03: Visual, Audio or Recording of Patient Data Obtained Through Any Medium

Volume Based Tube Feeding (Adult ICU)

2014-11: Voluntary Resignation from a UConn Health Position

Volunteer Health Requirements (02-031)

2017-02: Workplace Violence Prevention

2002-25: Write-off of Overdrafts and Disallowances
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2004-05: Written Agreements for Sponsored/Funded Research Involving Human Subjects