O to Z

Observation Status (11-037)

2011-05: Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens – Evaluation and Treatment

2005-13: Occupational Health Surveillance Program for All Employees Who Are Involved with Laboratory Animal Work

Open Chest: ICU Registered Nurse Responsibilities

Opioid Antagonists, Availability and Use of
(University-wide Policy)

Organ and Tissue Donation (07-016)

Oral Syringe Preparation

Outpatient Observation Services (MOON)

2007-12: Overpayments from Healthcare Insurance Programs – Management of Systemic and/or Substantial Overpayments

Pathology Specimen Transport

Patient Complaints and Grievances

2003-19: Patient Complaint Regarding Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information (Privacy and Security of PHI)

2020-11: Patient Right to Access Their PHI in a Designated Record Set

2020-12: Patient Right to Request Amendment to Health Information

2003-15: Patient Right to Request Alternative Methods of Communications

2003-14: Patient Right to Request Restrictions on Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information 

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

2003-17A: Patient Right to View His/Her Medical/Dental/Research and/or Billing Record – 11/2/20 deleted and combined with Patients’ Right to Access Their PHI in a Designated Record Set policy

2002-40: Payment Error Protection: Medicare Reimbursement

PDT/Aminolevulinic (AVA) and Photodynamic combination therapy in the treatment of Actinic Keratosis

Pended Orders

Pepper Spray of Foam: Use of in JDH/UCHS (08-043)

2015-02: Permanent Residency Petitions

2002-46: Persons with Disabilities

2005-14: Photo Identification of Patients

Phototherapy: Care of the Patient

Phototherapy PUVA Treatment

Phototherapy – EXCIMER Laser Care of the Patient

Police Services (11-011)

Portable Ultrasound

2002-02: Postdoctoral Research Fellows Employment, Mentoring, and Career Development

2004-09: Pre-Award Accounts

Preoperative Transfusion Services: Extended Type & Screen and Day of Surgery (08-081)

Prevention and Reporting of Fraud and Fiscal Irregularities
(University-wide Policy)

Privacy Definitions

2003-12: Privacy Practices: UConn Health Notice to Patients (Privacy and Security of Protected Health Information (PHI))

2002-06: Procurement of Goods and Services
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2015-06: Procurement Sourcing and Supplier Selection

Protection of Minors and Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect
(University-wide Policy)

Provider Enrollment

Provision of Services in Isolated Areas

Psychosocial / Spiritual Services for Cancer Patients

2006-14: Purchase/Development of IT Institutional Systems

2006-19: Purchasing Approval Authority

2006-27: Purchasing A-14: Loaning of Vendor-owned Equipment – Deleted 2/1/21

Quality Management: Electrical Equipment (11-004)

Receipt, Storage and Records of Inpatient and Outpatient Investigational Drugs

2002-04: Reclassification of Filled Positions

2006-10: Reconciliation of Clinical Research Funds

2003-02: Record Keeping (Privacy and Security of PHI)

Re-Employed Retirees
(University-wide Policy)

Regadenoson Pharmacologic Stress Test

Remote Cardiac Device Monitoring

C-020 Repackaging Medications

Reporting Cases to the Police (11-016)

Retention, Storage, and Disposal/Destruction of Medical Records

2002-29: Revenue Recognition
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2002-41: Review and Approval of Research Involving Animal Subjects

2002-42: Review and Approval of Research Involving Human Subjects

2002-03: Rules of Conduct

Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs

Safety Policy (02-007)

2014-04: Sanctions for Privacy and Security Violations

2008-05: Senior/Key Personnel and Committed Effort – Deleted and Replaced by Univ Wide Effort on Sponsored Program Activities
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

Separation Policy for Unclassified Board of Trustees Exempt Managers and Confidential Employees
(University-wide Policy)

2010-02: Smoke and Tobacco-Free Environment

2009-01: Space Management Policy

Sponsored Award Closeout
(University-wide Policy)

2002-17: Sponsored Project Payments
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2002-22: Sponsored Projects Closeout – Deleted 12/4/19. See University Wide Sponsored Award Closeout
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2015-09: Sponsorship Policy, Guidelines, and Approval

2009-06: Stabilization of Charges for Clinical Research Trials

Standing Orders

Standing Order for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) Vaccine

2016-02: Stark and Anti-Kickback Compliance

2006-18: Statutory Authority to Purchase and Contract, UConn Health Policy on

Steam Sterilization and Monitoring: Sterile Processing

2007-03: Storage in L Building Corridors

Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention

2006-22: Supplier Profiles – Deleted 11/2/20 and replaced by procedure

2006-02: Suspension or Termination of IRB Approval Imposed by Administrative Officers
(Human Subjects Protection Office)

Sustainable Design and Construction (LEED Policy)
(University-wide Policy)

2011-03 Systems Access Control

Taxi (08-001)

2016-03: Telecommuting

2003-24: Telephone/Voicemail/Answering Machine Disclosure of PHI (Privacy and Security of Protected Health Information (PHI))

Temperature Storage of Investigational Drugs

2004-03: Tenured Faculty Minimum Guaranteed Academic Salary

Timely Clinical Advice by Telephone for the Ambulatory Medical Practices

Tissue Management (08-076)

Transesophageal Echo Protocol

2010-04: Transfer of Research Equipment and/or Other Assets to Another Institution

Transfer Policy for Stroke Patients Stroke Program UConn Health

Transitions of Care/Handover for Residents and Fellows (08-107)

Transportation of Patients from Ambulatory Clinics to Emergency Department

2017-03: Travel and Entertainment

Triage of the Obstetrical Patient

Tube Feedings/Enteral Nutrition (Adult)

2002-53: Tuition Waiver

Tumor Registry/Cancer Registry (12-008)

2002-36: Types of Sponsored Programs
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2002-05: Unallowable Costs/Administrative Costs
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2002-09: University Service Centers/Recharge Centers
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2003-25: Uses and Disclosures of PHI Involving Family, Friends, and Others

2003-08: Use and Disclosure of PHI by Whistleblowers and Workforce Member Crime Victims (Privacy and Security of PHI)

2003-28: Use and Disclosure of PHI for Research Purposes (Privacy and Security of PHI)

2003-27: Use and Disclosure of PHI Where Authorization or Opportunity for Patient to Agree or Object Is NOT Required (Privacy and Security of Protected Health Information (PHI))

Use of Collodion in EEG Testing

Use of Botox Injection for Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Use of

Use of On-Site Physician Advisor (PA) Secondary Review

2014-07: Use of Protected Health Information (PHI) in Education

2003-45: Use of Spam Prevention Technology – Policy Deleted 6/3/19

Venereal Disease Treatment of a Minor (07-001)

2003-20: Verification of Individuals Requesting Protected Health Information

2014-03: Visual, Audio or Recording of Patient Data Obtained Through Any Medium

Volume Based Tube Feeding (Adult ICU)

2014-11: Voluntary Resignation from a UConn Health Position

Volunteer Health Requirements (02-031)

2017-02: Workplace Violence Prevention

2002-25: Write-off of Overdrafts and Disallowances
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2004-05: Written Agreements for Sponsored/Funded Research Involving Human Subjects