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As of October 1, Policy Manager is live and can be accessed by the UConn Health workforce after the required training is completed. Please visit to access Policy Manager.

Note: All active Clinical policies and standards documents, as well as Administrative policies and standards documents that have routed through the Administrative Policy Committee, are accessible in the Policy Manager system. Additional Administrative, Research, and Academic policies and standards documents will continue to be added into the system after the October 1, 2023 soft launch. For questions, please contact

Welcome to UConn Health’s Policy website. Here you will find official UConn Health policies that govern the daily activities of our faculty, staff and the UConn Health community. Policies can be searched by specific areas above or alphabetically. The website also provides resource quick links. The Office of Faculty Affairs is available for assistance with questions on any of the policies listed here at 860-679-2413.

Please note, violations of UConn Health policies may be cause for disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. A supervisor’s failure to enforce a policy does not excuse an employee from complying with it, nor does it prevent UConn Health form taking disciplinary action thereafter.

While every effort has been made to address the many related issues and ensure the accuracy of the manual, it is recognized that it may not be all-inclusive and does not constitute a legal document or contract. Management will continually revise these policies and communicate changes through normal channels. Advance notice may not always be possible. UConn Health reserves the right to manage UConn Health issues that may or may not be addressed in this manual.