Compliance Office

Animals on Campus
(University-wide Policy)

2023-07: Coding, Billing and Charging

2018-01: Compliance with eHealth Exchange Requirements

Compliance Training Policy
(University-wide Policy)

2002-43: Confidentiality

2017-05: Conflict of Interest in Clinical Health Care, Individual Financial

2003-42: Data Ownership Policy

2008-01: Disposal of Documents/Materials Containing PHI and Receipt, Tracking and Disposal of Equipment and Electronic Media Containing Electronic Protected Health Information (Privacy & Security of Protected Health Information (PHI))

2009-04: External Investigations, Inspections and Requests for Information

2000-01: Faculty Consulting Policy (Conflict of Commitment) – Deleted 6/7/21 and replaced by University-wide policy on Consulting for Faculty and Members of the Faculty Bargaining Unit

2003-34: Gifts to UConn Health Employees – Deleted 6/3/19. See Guide to the State Code of Ethics

2023-09: Healthcare Compliance & Privacy Program – Corrective Actions and Sanctions

2023-11: Healthcare Compliance & Privacy Program – Communication and Reporting Mechanisms

2023-08: Healthcare Compliance & Privacy Program – Monitoring and Auditing

2023-10: Healthcare Compliance & Privacy Program – Oversight and Enforcement

2023-06: HIPAA Patient Rights

Individual Financial Conflicts of Interest in Clinical Health Care (2017-05)

2006-01: Individual Financial Conflict of Interest in Research

2008-03: Mobile Computing Device (MCD) Security

(University-wide Policy)

2002-40: Payment Error Protection: Medicare Reimbursement

2018-02: Prevention and Detection of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Prevention and Reporting of Fraud and Fiscal Irregularities
(University-wide Policy)

2007-12: Reporting and Refunding Overpayments to Federal Healthcare Programs

2002-41: Review and Approval of Research Involving Animal Subjects

2002-42: Review and Approval of Research Involving Human Subjects

2001-03: Sanctions and Exclusions

2016-02: Stark and Anti-Kickback Compliance