Human Resources

2002-44: Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity

Alcoholic Beverages Sales and Service Policy
(University-wide Policy)

2002-52: Appropriate Use of Non-Compensated Individual: Volunteers, Interns and Job Shadow/Observers

2015-08: Attendance: Sick Leave Standards and Procedures

2002-43: Confidentiality

2001-02: Emergency Closing

2002-01: Employment Advertising

Employment and Contracting for Services of Relatives
(University-wide Policy; Updates UConn Health Policy 2002-51 of August 13, 2004)

2004-06: Family and Medical Leave

2003-39: Guidelines for Assessing the Impaired Employee in the Workplace

2003-07: HIPAA Privacy and Security Training of Workforce, UConn Health Policy on – Deleted and replaced by University-wide Compliance Training Policy

2002-45: HIV/AIDS Non-discrimination

2020-07 Influenza Vaccination Policy for Healthcare Personnel

(University-wide Policy)

Leave Benefits for Managerial and Confidential Exempt Employees
(University-wide Policy)

2014-01: Licensing Certification and Registration Verification

(University-wide Policy)

2015-02: Permanent Residency Petitions – Retired 4/19/2023

2002-46: Persons with Disabilities

Protection of Minors and Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect
(University-wide Policy)

2002-04: Reclassification of Filled Positions RETIRED

2003-09: Responding to Breaches of Privacy or Security of Protected Health Information (PHI) and/or Personal Information

2002-03: Rules of Conduct

2001-03: Sanctions and Exclusions

Separation Policy for Unclassified Board of Trustees Exempt Managers and Confidential Employees
(University-wide Policy)

2016-03: Telecommuting

2002-53: Tuition Waiver

2014-11: Voluntary Resignation from a UConn Health Position

2017-02 Workplace Violence Prevention