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2003-34: Gifts to UConn Health Employees – Deleted 6/3/19. See Guide to the State Code of Ethics

2002-12: Governing Standards – Deleted 12/4/19 – See University Wide Governing and Cost Accounting Standards
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2003-39: Guidelines for Assessing the Impaired Employee in the Workplace

Governing and Cost Accounting Standards
(University-wide Policy)

2014-09: Handling Paper Communications About Patients Including Protected Health Information (PHI) – Assuring Proper Identity of the Patient

Handling, Storage and Transport of Sterilized Items: Sterile Processing

2006-13: Health Insurance Coverage for Cancer Clinical Trials in Connecticut

2003-06: HIPAA Fundraising Compliance Policy (Privacy and Security of PHI)

2003-05: HIPAA Marketing Compliance (Privacy and Security of PHI)

2003-07: HIPAA Privacy and Security Training of Workforce, UConn Health Policy on –  – Deleted and replaced by University Wide Compliance Training Policy

2005-04: HIPAA Security Facility Access Control, UConn Health Policy on

2005-06: HIPAA Security Information Systems Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, UConn Health Policy on

2002-45: HIV/AIDS Non-discrimination

Human Subjects Research
(University-wide Policy)

Human Stem Cell Research Approval
(University-wide Policy; Updates UConn Health Policy 2006-17 of August 11, 2006)

Individual Financial Conflicts of Interest in Clinical Health Care

2006-01: Individual Financial Conflict of Interest in Research

Indwelling Urinary Catheter/Straight Catheterization/Suprapubic Catheter: Insertion, Routine Care, and Irrigation

2020-07 Influenza Vaccination Policy for Healthcare Personnel

2011-02: Information Security Acceptable Use – Replaced by 2019-01 Acceptable Use Policy

2005-03: Information Security Administration

2005-10: Information Security Anti Virus and Software Update

2005-08: Information Security Risk Assessment

2011-03: Information Security: Systems Access Control – See Systems Access Control Policy

2014-08: Information Security -Wireless Network

2005-07: Information System Activity Review

2007-07: Information Technology Computer/Electronic Resource Use – Replaced by 2019-01 Acceptable Use Policy

2015-03 Informed Consent, Clinical – Obtaining and Documenting

2009-03: Institutional Conflicts of Interest in Research

2009-05: Institutional Discounts for Investigator – Initiated Clinical Trials

Intellectual Property and Commercialization
(University-wide Policy)

2002-21: Interim and Final Financial Reports
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

Interpreters/Language Access for Persons Who Are Limited English Proficient (LEP), Deaf or Hard of Hearing

2004-04: IRB Approval of Human Research Conducted by Subcontractors

(University-wide Policy)

Leave Benefits for Managerial and Confidential Exempt Employees
(University-wide Policy)

2012-07: Legal Health Record

2012-05: Legal Representative for Health Care Decisions

Legal Sex, Sex Assigned at Birth, and Organ Inventory in Epic

2014-01: Licensing Certification and Registration Verification

2003-30: Limited Data-Set Creation, Use and Disclosure (Privacy and Security of (PHI))

Logo and Wordmark Policy, University
(University-wide Policy)

Maintaining the LifePak CR Plus Defibrillator

Management of Self-Referred Mammography Patients

2007-11: Mass Message Policy

2016-01: Medical/Dental Patient Records: Transportation of Paper and Other Media Records

2008-02: Medicare Secondary Payor, UConn Health Policy on

Medications: High Alert: Double Check Procedure

Medication Reconciliation

2003-21: Minimum Necessary Protected Health Information

Misconduct in Research, Policy on Alleged
(University-wide Policy)

2008-03: Mobile Computing Device (MCD) Security

2006-12: Monitoring/Auditing Policy for the Research Billing Compliance Program for Clinical Research/Trials

Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Policy
(University-wide Policy)

2002-32: Negotiation of Awards
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2002-13: Negotiation of Facilities and Administrative (F & A) Costs and Employee Benefit Rates
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2006-32: Non-Competitive Purchase

Non-Discrimination Policy Statements for Publications, including Accessibility Statements for University Events and Section 1557 Statements for Health Programs
(University-wide Policy)

(University-wide Policy)

2014-10: Notice of Privacy Practices: Acknowledgement of Receipt (Privacy and Security of Protected Health Information (PHI)