A to F

Abuse: Child (08-085)

Abuse: Elderly (08-086)

2019-01: Acceptable Use, UConn Health

Acceptance and Disposal of Textbook Donations
(University-wide Policy)

2002-33: Acceptance of Awards
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2002-24: Account Closeout – Deleted 12/4/19. See University Wide Sponsored Project Closeout
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2002-35: Accounting Authority and Responsibility
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2003-18: Accounting of Disclosures of Protected Health Information

2002-15: Accounting for Matching Gifts
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2002-16: Accounting for Program Income
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

Acknowledgement of Paternity

2002-31: Administration of Clinical Trials
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2002-23: Administration of Sponsored Projects
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

Advanced Beneficiary Notifications

2002-44: Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity

Alcoholic Beverages Sales and Service Policy
(University-wide Policy)

Allergen Patch Testing – Dermatology

Animal Use in Research, Teaching and Testing
(University-wide Policy)

Animals on Campus
(University-wide Policy)

Ankle Brachial Index Non-Invasive Physiologic Study of the Lower Extremity Arterial System

Antepartum Testing with Amniotic Fluid Assessment or Biophysical Profile Standing Order

2006-15: Applicable Credits/Sponsored Programs

2002-52: Appropriate Use of Non-Compensated Individual: Volunteers, Interns and Job Shadow/Observers

2002-30: Approval of Proposals
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2015-04: Asset Control

Assignment of Textbooks and Other Intellectual Property
(University-wide Policy)

Assistance Requested Behavioral Intervention

2015-08: Attendance: Sick Leave Standards and Procedures

2010-03: Audit Policy of Patient Medical Records and Bill Review by Payors – Deleted 11/2/20 and replaced by procedure

2004-02: Authority of the Human Subjects Protection Program

2003-16: Authorization for Release of Information (Privacy and Security of (PHI))

2006-30: Authorized Purchase

Autopsy Services

2001-03: Background and Sanctions Checks

2014-02: Bed Bug Management

Billing for Professional Services

Billing for Replacement / Recalled Implantable Cardiac Devices

2003-09: Breaches of Privacy and Security of Protected Health Information (PHI) and Confidential Data

2002-38: Budgets
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

Budget Process John Dempsey Hospital (04-003)

2003-04: Business Associate Agreements

Cancellations and No Shows

Care of the Mohs Surgery Patient – Dermatology

Chronic Opioid Therapy Pain Management Agreement for Patients with Chronic Pain

Chronic Opioid Therapy Toolkit

Cleaning, Disinfection and Other Decontamination Steps: Sterile Processing

Clinical Nursing Care and Assessment of Chronic Kidney Disease Patients with Anemia Receiving Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents (ESAs) in the Ambulatory Care Setting

2015-07: Clinical Record Documentation Requirements for Participants Participating in a Clinical Trial

2006-07: Clinical Research/Trials Budget Review

2010-01: Clinical Research Trials Facility Discount for Hospital-Based Outpatient Programs

2006-08: Clinical Research/Trials Patient Billing Compliance

2007-06: Clinical Trials Under Contract – Administrative Requirements

(University-wide Policy)

2002-50: Common Space Use, UConn Health

Communication with External Media
(University-wide Policy)

2018-01: Compliance with eHealth Exchange Requirements

2002-27: Compliance with Federal Subrecipient Standards of OMB Uniform Guidance
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

Compliance Training Policy
(University-wide Policy)

Compounding of Investigational Drugs

2002-43: Confidentiality

Confidentiality of Library Patron Records
(University-wide Policy)

Confirmation of Endotracheal Tube Placement (08-083)

2017-05: Conflict of Interest in Clinical Health Care, Individual Financial

Conflict Resolution between Medical Staff and Medical Board

2003-13: Consent to Treatment

2006-11: Contract Negotiations for Initiation of Clinical Research and/or Clinical Trials Negotiated by Staff in the office of Clinical and Translational Research

2012-04: Contract Signature Authority

2013-02: Copy and Paste Functionality in Electronic Record Documentation

Core Patient Identifiers and Naming Convention

2002-37: Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) – Deleted, see University Wide Governing and Cost Accounting Standards
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2002-14: Cost Sharing/Matching Requirements – Deleted and Replaced by University Wide Policy
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

Cost Sharing
(University-wide Policy)

2002-07: Cost Transfers and Payroll Reallocations
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2003-29: Creation, Use and Disclosure of De-Identified Protected Health Information (Privacy and Security of Protected Health Information (PHI))

2003-31 Data Classification and Use Policy – Replaced by 2019-01 Acceptable Use Policy

2011-01 Data Encryption, Authentication and Physical Safeguards

2003-42: Data Ownership Policy

Death of a Patient (07-010)

Decentralized Lab Testing Program Scope

2002-20: Delinquent Payment and/or Non-payment of Project Cost by Sponsors
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2012-06: Designated Record Set

Destruction and Returns of Investigational Drugs

2002-19: Direct Billing
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2002-39: Direct Cost Expenditures
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

Directory Information: Disclosure of a Patient’s Information

Discharge of Ambulatory Patients After Receiving Moderate/Deep Sedation and/or Anesthesia (08-104)

Discharge Planning Process (08-029)

Discharge Planning Screening, Discharge Needs Assessment, and Long Stay Assessments

Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Interpersonal Violence

(University-wide Policy)

Dismissal from Care from UConn Medical Group Providers

2008-01: Disposal of Documents/Materials Containing PHI and Receipt, Tracking and Disposal of Equipment and Electronic Media Containing Electronic Protected Health Information (Privacy & Security of Protected Health Information (PHI))

Disposal of Illegal Substances Hazardous Items, Suspected Contraband or Weapons (11-018A)

Dobutamine Stress Echo

Documentation – Reduced Inpatient Nursing for COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Documentation Requirements for All Procedures (12-018)

Duty Hours for Residents & Fellows (08-108)

2015-10: Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act and Drug-Free Workplace Act

Education of Patients and Families (08-039)

2017-01: Educational Requirements for Clinical Trial Billing Compliance

Effort on Sponsored Program Activities, Policy on
(University-wide Policy)

2002-08: Effort Reporting
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2011-04: Electronic Communication of Confidential Data

2006-05: Electronic Signature for Medical Records

2012-01: Email Communication with Patients/Research Participants – Policy deleted and replaced by 2011-04 Electronic Communication of Confidential Data

Emergency Department Response to Patients Contaminated with Radioactive Materials (11-009)

2001-02: Emergency Closing

Emergency Management Policy (11-052)

2006-31: Emergency Purchase

Emergent Sterile Compounding of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous CSP (Compounding Sterile Preparation)

2003-37: Emeritus Faculty

2002-01: Employment Advertising

Employment and Contracting for Services of Relatives
(University-wide Policy; Updates UConn Health Policy 2002-51 of August 13, 2004)

EMTALA: On-Call Obligations of Medical Staff Physicians (08-070)

EMTALA: Qualified Medical Person (08-069)

(University-wide Policy)

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit Utilization

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (Workflow)

2013-01: Error Corrections, Addenda, Amendments and Deletions in the Legal Health Record

2006-09: Establishment of a Billing Employer Account Number (BEAN) and individual “Case Number” for Clinical Research/Trial Patients

Evaluation: Competency Assessment System (10-023)

2006-06: Evaluation of Clinical Research/Trial for Medicare Reimbursement

Exercise Stress Testing

Export Control
(University-wide Policy)

2002-26: External Audits
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2009-04: External Investigations, Inspections and Requests for Information

2002-10: Facilities and Administrative Costs
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2002-11: Facilities and Administrative (F & A) Cost Rate Proposal Preparation
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2000-01: Faculty Consulting Policy (Conflict of Commitment)

2001-05: Faculty (In-residence) Appointments, Reappointments and Notification of Non-reappointments

2004-06: Family and Medical Leave

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
(University-wide Policy)

2003-23: Faxing of Protected Health Information (Privacy and Security of Protected Health Information (PHI))

2002-28: Financial Record Retention
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2002-34: Financial Responsibility
(Research/Sponsored Programs)

2018-02: Fraud Waste and Abuse Prevention and Education in Healthcare

2002-18: Funding Under Letter of Credit Agreements
(Research/Sponsored Programs)