Health Insurance FAQ

What is my health insurance coverage?

Health insurance is provided by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Century Preferred. The medical benefits includes preventive care, medical care, hospital care, and emergency care. Learn more about your medical benefits. Prescription benefits are also included. Learn more about your prescription drug benefits.

Dental insurance is provided by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Flex Dental Plan. Learn more about your dental insurance plan.

Can I add dependents to either medical or dental insurance?

Spouses and children can be included in both medical and dental insurance. They can be included during your initial enrollment, or at a later date if there is a life changing event. Life changing events are marriage, birth or loss of coverage. Fill out the application form and submit it to the Consortium office within 30 days of event. You can also add dependents during annual open enrollment which is the month of June for a July 1 effective date.

What is the cost for adding dependents to my health insurance?

The bi-weekly payroll deductions for coverage is as follows:

                     Individual   2-Person   Family

Medical         17.50          70.00         90.00

Dental            5.00          10.00         15.00

Vision            1.85            3.23           5.17

Can I add my parents or siblings to my health insurance?

No, only spouses and children can be added.

How do I cancel a spouse or dependent?

The same application that is used for enrollment needs to be completed with name and date of birth for the dependent(s) you wish to cancel.

How do I insure health insurance coverage if I have a change in status of dependents?

Changes in status of members resulting from marriage, birth or adoption of a child, etc., can be accomplished by completing a blue cross enrollment form. Notification of change of status of members must be made as soon as possible but within 30 days of status change. Applications received after 30 days may delay the effective date of coverage. After 60 days, coverage will not be available until the next open enrollment period.