Disability Insurance FAQ

Short Term Disability Insurance

Do I have Short Term Disability?

Yes; medical leave of absence, with pay for up to 90 days, is available if you are unable to work due to your own serious health condition. Sick and vacation time must be used first, and as long as your doctor provides a statement with expected date of return, your salary will continue for up to 90 days. If you are not able to return to work after 90 days, you will need to apply for Long Term Disability.

Long Term Disability Insurace

Do I have Long Term Disability Coverage?

You are enrolled in a group policy with Guardian, and if your claim is approved, Guardian will pay you $3500 a month after 90 days, in lieu of your salary. These payments are taxable to you for Federal and State Income Tax purposes and FICA for the first 6 months. Guardian will issue an annual W-2.

How long will Guardian pay my monthly benefit?

As long as you doctor provides documentation that you are unable to work, you will receive the monthly benefit until you reach your retirement age. There is a 24 month policy limit for nervous/mental disorders.

Can I continue my Long Term Disability Insurance when I graduate?

You will be offered the option to convert from our group policy to an individual policy when you leave. The conversion has two outstanding features: first, an option to purchase a policy without medical underwriting. This is referred to as Guaranteed Issue and will cover you for any pre-existing condition. and second, a true “Own Occupation” definition for the entire length of your disability.