Dr. Agmon’s pioneering paper on antibiotic resistance in E. coli

06-16-2023. Dr. Eran Agmon has published a pioneering paper that explores antibiotic resistance in E. coli by implementing a multiscale whole-cell model. Developed with Dr. Agmon‘s model integration software, Vivarium, the study encompasses single-cell dynamics and population-level heterogeneity to provide a mechanistic understanding of antibiotic resistance, furthering the fight against the rise of multidrug-resistant bacterial strains.

Skalnik, C. J., Cheah, S. Y., Yang, M. Y., Wolff, M. B., Spangler, R. K., … Agmon, E., & Covert, M. W. (2023). Whole-cell modeling of E. coli colonies enables quantification of single-cell heterogeneity in antibiotic responses. PLOS Computational Biology19(6), e1011232.


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