CCAM Microscopy Facility

 Any users needing access to the facility must either be a trained, independent user or must contact Dr. Yi Wu,, or Susan Staurovsky,, for service work. 

Established in 1994, the CCAM Microscopy Facility provides the UConn Health research community as well as other academic and industrial institutes, access to its state of the art equipment for quantitative fluorescence imaging applications. The facility now comprises ~3500 sq. ft. of laboratory space and includes three laser scanning confocal microscopes, one of which is a combined nonlinear optical (aka 2-photon)/ laser scanning confocal/ correlation spectroscopy microscope, one spinning disk confocal microscope and a widefield fluorescence microscope equipped for total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) imaging. The equipment may be used by authorized users who have completed the required training for each piece of equipment they choose to use. Alternatively, CCAM staff are available for service work at an hourly rate. CCAM offers storage space to each lab with an active account.

LightSheet Midgut Drosophila melanogaster greyscale
LightSheet Midgut Drosophila melanogaster cmyk colors

Images courtesy of K. Kannan, from the Rogina lab, 2021.

LightSheet Midgut Drosophila melanogaster greyscale


Microscopes and user computers are available at two different locations in Farmington, Connecticut, the Academic Research Building at the UConn Health main campus and the Cell & Genome Sciences Building. Please visit Microscopy Equipment to obtain detailed information about the instrumentation and their locations.


CCAM utilizes CORES (internal login) and CORES (external login) for all billing and scheduling events. You must be authorized by the system and have the permission to charge to an FRS account. Please check with your departmental administration to get authorization within the CORES system. Off-campus users should contact CCAM staff for billing procedures. Please see Microscopy Fees for a detailed listing of user fees.

Microscope Access

Users can opt to either be trained and use the microscopes independently or they can use the microscopes with the assistance of a CCAM staff member, via service work. Once you are trained to use the microscope independently, you may sign up for the scope during work hours or for after work hours / weekend use. Please note that you must be trained for each microscope separately. Users that opt to use the microscope via service work will be charged a different rate than the trained, independent users. Please see the Training page and Fees page for more information.

For your convenience, please use the following document for a detailed listing of the equipment and software resources available at the CCAM Microscopy Facility.

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