Super Resolution

  • SAureus WF Nile Red
    Zoomed wide field fluorescent microscopy image of S. aureus stained with Nile Red. (J.Batchelder, Mok Lab)

Super Resolution Techniques

Technique System Lateral Resolution Axial Resolution Fluorophores
SIM Widefield ~120 nm ~ 250 nm Standard
SMLM Widefield ~20 nm ~20 nm Photoswitchable, Photoactivatable
STED Confocal ~20 nm ~50 nm Standard

SIM - Structured illumination microscopy
SMLM - Single-molecule localization microscopy:

  • PALM - Photoactivated localization microscopy
  • STORM - Stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy
  • PAINT - Point accumulation in nanoscale topography

STED - Stimulated emission depletion

Sample Preparation

Zeiss Elyra 7 Quick Guide - Information pertaining to sample preparations for SIM, PALM, and dSTORM.

Optimizing Imaging Conditions for Demanding Multi-Color Super Resolution Localization Microscopy - article introducing a new SMLM imaging buffer, OxEA, for use in 3-color experiments using Alexa dyes 488, 555 and 647.

Dyes for Single Molecule Localization

abberior CAGE dyes - family of dyes specific for PALM and STORM.