Month: June 2024

PD Fellowship opportunity – Basis partnership

June 07, 2024 The Agmon Lab Modeling is partnering with Basis—a new AI and inference company—to offer a postdoctoral fellowship in whole-cell modeling. This collaboration aims to revolutionize gene function discovery using whole-cell models, blending modular simulation and probabilistic inference to automate gene curation. The fellowship offers an opportunity for groundbreaking research to enhance predictive models and advance computational biology.

Dr. Sarabipour spoke at the NIH meeting on the Future of Scientific Conferencing

June 6, 2024. Dr. Sarabipour spoke as an invited speaker at the National Institutes of Health’s Office for Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR) virtual gathering on The Future of Scientific Conferencing. The workshop brought together diverse perspectives from multiple disciplines to explore advantages, barriers, gaps, and opportunities in the future of scientific conferencing for the behavioral and social sciences. Dr. Sarabipour shared highlights from her work on improving scientific conferences and the benefits of hybrid and virtual modes of conferencing towards changing the culture of science communication.

Dr. Sarabipour published an article in Nature Human Behaviour

June 6, 2024. Dr. Sarabipour published an article in Nature Human Behaviour on Improving Academic Mentorship discussing strategies for diverse stakeholders to ensure excellent academic mentorship. In this article Dr. Sarabipour and colleagues highlight findings of their mentorship surveys and discuss how mentors, departments, universities and funders can collectively improve mentorship in academic environments for a path forward for improvements in policy & practice in academia. Read and share: