Month: March 2021

Michael Guertin to join CCAM faculty

3-17-21. Dr. Michael Guertin will join CCAM and the Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences in July, 2021. Dr. Guertin’s research combines genomics, biochemistry and computational biology to explore mechanisms of transcriptional regulation and regulatory cascades in hormonal signaling. Welcome Mike!

Balakrishnan at UConn Frontiers in Undergrad Research

3-9-21 Shreedula Balakrishnan, working with Dr. Paola Vera-Licona, is presenting a poster entitled “Quantitative Study of Acute Myeloid Leukemia maturation state interconversion in vivo model of differentiation therapy” at the UConn Spring 2021 Frontiers in Undergraduate Research Exhibition March 22-26. For more information about the exhibition go to

Acker, Loew and Ping at Biophysics Meeting

3-6-21 Two posters at the 2021 Biophysical Society Meeting describe collaborations among the Acker, Loew and Ping labs developing new fluorescent probes for voltage-sensing. One poster with coauthors Julie Harris and Daniel Fairchild is entitled “New Chromophores For Fret-Based Voltage Sensing Systems” A second poster presents the work with JAX faculty Travis Hinton along with Anthony Pettinato and is describes “Optimization And Validation Of Fast Ratiometric Voltage-Sensitive Dye Imaging In Neuronal And Cardiac Tissues And Cultures.”

Ani Chattaraj presents at Biophysical Society meeting

3-9-21 Aniruddha Chattaraj, a PhD student with Leslie Loew, presented two posters with coauthors Loew and Blinov at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society. One poster describes “Modeling Multivalent Protein Phase Separations With Network-Free Rule-Based Modeling.” The second poster describes his work demonstrating a “Solubility Product Constant Governs Multivalent Protein Phase Separations.”