Author: Sheryl Rosen

Charles Janeway Poster Award for Graduate Student Timofey Karginov

October 2022
New England Immunology Conference held in Woods Hole, MA.

Timofey Karginov received the Charles Janeway Poster Award at the 2022 New England Immunology Conference held in Woods Hole, MA for his poster entitled “Splicing of ultraconserved poison exon elements in RNA binding proteins reprograms the T effector immune response”. His project is a significant joint effort by his thesis mentor Dr. Anthony Vella and Dr. Antoine Ménoret as well as the labs of Dr. Olga Anczuków, Dr. Linda Cauley, Dr. Beiyan Zhou, Dr. Adam Adler, and Dr. Patrick Murphy. 

Timofey Karginov standing with Anthony Vella in front of his poster presentation

Jenna Bartley Receives 9% Percentile on First R01 Grant Submission

Congratulations to Dr. Jenna Bartley, Assistant Professor in the UConn Center on Aging and the Department of Immunology, as well as a UConn Pepper Center Scholar, for receiving a 9% percentile on her first ever R01 grant submission for a project entitled “Impact of Senolytics on Aged Vaccine Responses”. While official notification is pending, her percentile is well under the NIA interim pay line of 15% for New and Early Stage Investigators.

Jenna Bartley, Ph.D.

Timofey “Tima” Karginov Receives AAI Young Investigator Award

Congratulations to Timofey “Tima” Karginov for receiving the AAI Young Investigator Award at the 2021 New England Immunology Conference. Tima is enrolled in the M.D./Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Sciences (Immunology Concentration) working under the mentorship of Dr. Anthony Vella. Tima’s project, which has been a team effort with lab instructor Dr. Antoine Ménoret, is entitled “Optimal T cell immune responses require costimulation-induced RNA-binding proteins that reprogram the transcript isoform landscape.”

Timofey Karginov standing with two faculty in front of his poster presentation