Curriculum: Emergency Medicine

Team Structure

The Emergency Department at the Hospital of Central Connecticut is one of the busiest in the state of Connecticut. Teams include a full-time, board-certified Emergency Medicine attending physician working directly with the PGY2 resident.




Residents work 12 shifts each month. Each shift is 9 hours during the daytimes, Monday through Friday.


Residents have primary responsibilities for the initial evaluation and treatment of all assigned patients, including those with trauma and non-internal medicine emergencies. At The Hospital of Central Connecticut, a PGY3 resident functions as a Medical Officer of the Day (“MOD”) assessing, triaging, and providing initial management for all patients being admitted to the General Medicine teaching service.

Patient Population

Patients entering the Emergency Department range from ambulatory “walk-ins” to a wide variety of problems including acute coronary syndromes to surgical trauma.

Educational Activities

The Emergency Department faculty provides a core curriculum of didactic conferences.