Resident Well-Being

Yoga Class

We are aware that residency is an intense three years of training. We encourage residents to prioritize their mental and physical health in an effort to mitigate burnout and promote personal wellness. At UConn, we make this a priority. Even prior to this being an initiative from the ACGME, we have always strived to ensure the wellness of all of our residents. Wellness is individualized for everyone and we work to not only have structured activities but time away from the hospital that would benefit your individual needs. We have a wellness committee that meets to help organize activities and other wellness plans.

Another aspect of wellness is finding meaning within your work. As a residency program, we have emphasized getting residents back to the bedside to find meaning in their work. We have Resident team assistants (RTAs) to help offload some of the busy work of residents while on inpatient services. We also have many committees, particularly our resident nurse relations committee, that are hospital wide groups to help promote the most collegial interprofessional relationships and efficient work environment while on the inpatient services.

Free Counseling

Through the University of Connecticut, there are free counseling services offered that can be utilized at anytime during your training. These services are also confidential. All residents are given information on how to contact and utilize these services during their orientation and can always reach out to chief residents or program leadership with questions.

Professional and Educational

  • PL-1 Teaching Courses
  • PL-2 Teaching Courses
  • Financial Literacy
  • Contract negotiation
  • Professionalism series (4/ year)
  • PL-1 intro lecture series
  • PL-1 transitioning to Senior resident lecture series


All residents are assigned a program director, a faculty mentor and a peer mentor. When you match, we will reach out about interests to find a good faculty mentor match. There are 2 official faculty and program director meetings a year to help with professional development and support. Residents frequently meet more with program leadership, their mentors or find other mentors throughout the residency. These mentors could be specific to research, personal interests, or other factors that influence your experience during residency.


  • Intern Welcome Picnic
  • Intern Hartford Yard Goat game
  • 2 class retreats a year
  • Thanksgiving breakfast
  • Residency program holiday party
  • Resident Holiday Party (organized by Chiefs and wellness committee)
  • Chief sponsored end of block gatherings
  • Graduation
  • Resident faculty bowling and laser tag
  • Wellness sessions
  • Graduation
  • Resident houses- groups of residents with faculty members who plan group events
  • Many more wellness committee planned activities!


First and foremost, our residents love to be around each other. Our residents spend a lot of time outside of the hospital in groups doing so many different activities. Connecticut has a lot of great opportunities and experiences that are residents participate in. In the fall, you can find our residents pumpkin picking, apple picking, or taking a hike to see fall foliage. In the winter time, our residents like to go skiing, to the theater to see a show, to see minor league hockey, or ice skating. The spring brings the start of minor league baseball games. In the summer our residents like to go to the beach, kayaking on the CT river, or other outdoor venues with food and drink. There is so much to do here and we encourage you to ask our residents their favorite activities!


At the UConn Pediatric Residency Program, we understand and realize that there are academic and personal activities beyond the walls of the hospital that are important to your wellness and scholarship. Whether that's going to a conference or attending an important family event, we do our best to accommodate residents' requests. Some highlights:

  • 3 wellness days a year
  • Medical education days over your residency to attend conferences
  • 4 weeks of vacation yearly
  • Holiday time off
  • Financial support for conferences
  • Educational support
  • Call free blocks

UConn School of Medicine Graduate Medical Education is committed to supporting the well-being of all our residents and fellows during their training program. For a full list of resources offered through UConn Health, the Capital Area Health Consortium and the broader community, please visit the Graduate Medical Education Office Well-Being website.