Longitudinal Outpatient Experience

Each resident participates in a longitudinal ambulatory experience during all three years of residency. Previously known as "continuity clinic" the experience had been modified to reflect the diverse educational needs of residents.


  • PL-1 and PL-2 residents are placed at an academic center or with a community practice
  • PL-3 residents may switch to a subspecialty area if pursuing fellowship
  • 36 sessions per year are required within no less than 26 weeks
  • Usually in the afternoon to allow for attendance on rounds during inpatient blocks.
  • Residents do not attend during PICU blocks, away rotations or during night float weeks
  • Residents stay with their preceptor to allow development of mentorship
  • Residents build their own patient panel
  • Population health didactics focused on advocacy, social determinants presented
  • Residents complete PSDA cycles yearly
  • Residents have a weekly topic of the week session where they learn about general pediatric topics using the Yale Curriculum.