PL-1, PL-2, and PL-3 Positions

PL-1 Positions

Applications for PL-1 positions should be submitted by December 1.

For a PL-1 position, the University of Connecticut Pediatric Residency Program matches all positions through the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) and the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Applicants who accept an appointment elsewhere, or who for any reason wish to withdraw their application, are requested to notify our program and NRMP immediately.

PL-2, PL-3 and PL-1 After Match Positions

For positions that become available at senior levels or after the match, paper or electronic applications are accepted. The same materials that are required for ERAS are requested to complete these applications.

Couples Matching

The University of Connecticut participates in couples matching through the ERAS process and offers residency training to couples, whether or not they apply in the same field.

Osteopathic Candidates

We welcome applications from students of osteopathic schools affording them the same considerations as though from allopathic schools.

Special Circumstances

We consider candidates who wish to be part time in a shared residency, Sabbath observant, or have other special circumstances.