Program Aims

The Program will provide residents experiences that can prepare them well for any of the career possibilities in pediatrics.

Programs may be conducted in way that emphasizes and prepare graduates for focused outcomes rather than all career possibilities. Our program will continue to provide the broadest possible spectrum of core and discretionary activities, to prepare graduates to enter any area of pediatrics they choose. Its graduates career choices historically have reflected this intent, and it is the aim of the program to sustain this “pluripotential” educational experience as the landscape of pediatrics evolves.

The Pediatric Residency Program will offer a resident learning environment that promotes well-being and resilience, and reduces burnout, to sustain meaning in the professional and personal lives of residents during residency and throughout their careers.

The Pediatric Residency Program will embrace the challenge of creating a learning environment that promotes well-being through proper self-care, connectedness and meaning in work. Residents will learn to maintain their health and well-being and to renew themselves in the face of the challenges their profession brings. They will experience and learn the value of connectedness with their fellow pediatricians, interprofessional team members and those in their personal lives. They will learn to bring meaning to their professional and personal lives through thoughtful and innovative changes in the conduct of their activities.

Residents will be able to advocate effectively for their patients and families, and for the populations they serve during their residency experience and throughout their careers.

Pediatric Residents will be educated in a way that increases the chance they will accept the responsibility and act in ways that reach beyond the direct provision of care, to address the social determinants of health for the individual patients and families for whom they care and for the populations they serve. The program will establish and maintain this as an expectation for all residents through the core community longitudinal experience, and it will continue offering a pathway for those whose career focus is advocacy, so they can attain the highest possible level of community effectiveness and child health promotion.

Residents will acquire advanced skills and ability in quality improvement and safety efforts, and will commit to applying them throughout their careers.

The Pediatric Residency Program will continue to develop and promote a strong resident commitment to reduce error and harm, and to promote the highest quality of care possible. Residents will continue demonstrating the acquisition of knowledge of these areas, but more importantly, they will actively identify safety and quality improvement opportunities and participate in addressing them.