Curriculum – Critical Care

Team Structure

Teams consist of one resident and up to two interns, an attending, and a third or fourth-year medical student. Rounds are multidisciplinary and include input from nurses, pharmacists, social workers, case management, nutritionists and respiratory therapists. In most units, housestaff work closely with Advanced Practice RN's and physician assistants.


Interns work less than 80 hours per week and have 1 day off in 7 when averaged over four weeks.


The Critical Care Units provide experience in coronary care, medical intensive care, and combined medical/surgical intensive care. Rotations in each type of unit give housestaff experience with a variety of critically ill patients, with a focus on the unique aspects of the specialty of each unit. Active participation in invasive procedures with regards to the patients in their care in the Critical Care Units is part of the interns’ responsibility.

Patient Population

The Critical Care Unit patients are admitted from the Emergency Room, transferred from the General Medical and Surgical floors, or transferred from other hospitals via ambulance or our LIFE STAR helicopter service.

Educational Activities

Case conferences and group discussions deal with all aspects of patient care, including data acquisition, problem delineation and synthesis, and pathophysiologic principles and management.