Educational Skills

Explore the array of faculty development resources available to refine and enhance your skills in teaching, mentoring, curriculum development, and assessment. These opportunities are designed to support your professional growth and contribute to your effectiveness in academic roles.

Educational Publishing

  • AAMC Scholarly Publishing Webinar Series. The editorial teams of the AAMC's Academic Medicine and MedEdPORTAL journals host a monthly webinar series. These sessions delve into the significance of publishing educational scholarship, offering practical tips for successful publication, improving writing skills, and navigating the peer-review and publication processes
  • UConn School of Medicine Seminars. The following seminars from UConn School of Medicine Faculty offer advice and tips for publishing.

Predatory Publishing

Enhance your scholarly discernment by learning to identify and avoid predatory journals. Safeguard your academic contributions by opting for reputable publications with transparent practices, ensuring a genuine and valuable contribution to your profession.

    General Resources for Educational Skill Development

    • UConn School of Medicine Medical Education Grand Rounds and Medical Education Journal Club. The focus is on highlighting new and innovative topics across the Medical Education continuum. The Grand Round sessions are broadcast live on Thursdays between 12 and 1 PM and are archived on the Mediasite.
    • UConn School of Medicine Office of Community and Continuing Medical Education offers a variety of ACCME accredited continuing education programs by working in partnership with UConn Health Departments.
    • UConn Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning: The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) exists to support UConn faculty in becoming more effective teachers, to promote equity-minded and inclusive practices that improve learning outcomes for every UConn student.
    • UConn Health's GME Faculty Development Database: Coming soon.
    • MedEdPortal: MedEdPORTAL is an open-access journal of teaching and learning resources in the health professions published by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). MedEdPORTAL publications are stand-alone, complete teaching or learning modules that have been implemented and evaluated with physician trainees or practitioners.

    Giving Effective Feedback

    • Cooking Up Effective Feedback. Guidelines on giving verbal feedback in the clinical setting. Mayo Clinic Take 5 Channel. (4:20)
    • Creating Effective Written Evaluations.  Five tips for specific, descriptive and growth-oriented comments. Mayo Clinic Take 5 Channel. (6:32)
    • One Minute Preceptor. The 5 steps of this successful and popular precepting model are reviewed and Margaret Dow, MD shares how she incorporates them in her practice. Mayo Clinic Take 5 Channel. (6:15)

    Instructional Design

    Mentoring and Coaching

      Mentoring is integral to the holistic development of our faculty and students. UConn School of Medicine is dedicated to fostering supportive mentoring relationships that contribute to the academic and career growth of faculty and the educational journey of students. Through formal programs, resources and consultations, we enhance mentoring skills and practices that contribute to the overall success for both faculty and students.

      Learning to Address Impairment and Fatigue to Enhance Patient Safety (LIFE). Duke University's curriculum for faculty and trainees to address trainee fatigue, stress and depression, substance abuse, disruptive behavior, burnout, boundary violations, impairment and giving instructive feedback. Video and teacher's guide.


      • Professionalism in Medicine. Jefferson Medical College. Short videos on a range of topics, following by written student and faculty comments.