Mentoring is integral to the holistic development of our faculty and students. UConn School of Medicine is dedicated to fostering supportive mentoring relationships that contribute to the academic and career growth of faculty and the educational journey of students. Through formal programs, resources, and consultations, we enhance mentoring skills and practices that contribute to the overall success of both faculty and students.

  • The Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER) has developed a comprehensive training for mentors to optimize mentoring practices. The goal of the workshop is to provide skills to optimize mentoring relationships. It is suitable for faculty who mentor students and/or junior faculty across a range of career stages and addresses the NIGMS guidelines regarding the preparation of mentors involved in training grants. CIMER’s Entering Mentoring Training is offered periodically across UConn. Please contact Jenn Cavallari, CIMER Certified Trainer, Director of Faculty Development at for more information.

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