Kiki Nissen M.D., FACP

Kiki Nissen M.D., FACP

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education

As Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Dr. Nissen is responsible for providing leadership over all issues relating to the School of Medicine faculty, which includes career development opportunities.

Anne Kenny, M.D.Anne Kenny, M.D.

Director of Faculty Development, Chair of Faculty Development Advisory Committee

Dr. Kenny manages the development of Faculty Development Programs and the Faculty Development website, teaches faculty development workshops (including those about academic advancement and promotion), and individually mentors faculty members regarding academic advancement.


Donna PattersonDonna Patterson

Administrative Program Coordinator in the Office of Faculty Affairs

Provides support to the Senior Appointments and Promotions Committee (SAPC) as well as to Faculty Development. Oversees administrative support for the Faculty Development Committee as well as maintains and upholds Faculty Development website. Assists in managing workshops and communication.

Julie SaginarioJulie Saginario

Executive Staff Assistant in the Office of Faculty Affairs

Provides administrative support to the Faculty Development Programs; maintains the Faculty Development website; assists in managing workshops. Contact person for Dr. Kiki Nissen and Dr. Mary Casey Jacob. Contact person for suggestions and comments regarding Faculty Development Programs and the Faculty Development website.