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Correctional Humor

Most officers would agree that maintaining a sense of humor is an absolute must, and psychological research points to the positive value of humor in promoting mental health.

A popular corrections web page has a piece called “… Signs You’re a Correctional Officer,” and to expand on that theme, here is a space where you are invited to submit your own ideas and build your own list of signs. Take a moment to think about some of the funny, strange or just plain silly things that you have caught yourself doing as a result of your work as a correctional officer. Below are a couple of examples from anonymous writers:

You might be a correctional officer if …

… you're looking for one of your kids and yell, “Count time, catch your racks!”

… when you’re at home and see a phone off the hook and think it may go to a no dial alarm.

… you’ve ever told random teenagers at the mall to tuck in their shirts and pull up their pants (and they did!)

Submit Your Ideas

Send your ideas to dfarr@uchc.edu. Entries will be accepted based on their appropriateness for a general audience.