About Us

Physician examines patient.  (Thinkstock)

We offer both a broad range of clinical services and robust educational and research programs. The former serve the employees of the health center, multiple state and municipal agencies, and private industry; the latter serve society in general by advancing understanding of how the workplace interacts with health and disease and by finding solutions that make the workplace an environment that promotes good health.

Clinical Services

  • Pre-employment and pre-placement exams to ensure that a person can safely assume a given position
  • Ongoing surveillance to identify any health risks posed by workplace exposure
  • Evaluation and treatment of workplace injuries and exposures
  • Evaluation and treatment of environmental exposures outside the workplace
  • For the UConn Health community, convenient same-day visits for injuries and illnesses not necessarily related to work

Research and Educational Programs

  • Training medical students and resident physicians to evaluate and treat people with work-related conditions
  • Training graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to conduct research and interventions in occupational health
  • Training outreach to the community and to local worksites
  • Ongoing investigation of varied worksite-related health hazards and opportunities for health promotion, funded by government and private agencies