About Us

Welcome to the website of the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Department of Medicine, UConn Health. Working life is for many of us a key part of personal well-being, self-esteem, sense of purpose, and financial support for our families.  While research has shown that working is generally good for our health, work can also bring physical and psychological demands, safety hazards, work/family conflict, and other personal and organizational challenges. Our Division is dedicated to understanding relationships between workplace factors and health, promoting the health and well-being of workers at work and home, and treating injuries and illnesses that can result from environmental or occupational exposures.

As you will see from our website, our Division is made up of clinicians, researchers, consultants, educators, counselors, and trainees from a variety of professional disciplines and training backgrounds. Our multidisciplinary faculty and staff reflect the complexity of factors that impact workplace and environmental health. Whether you are a patient or a UConn Health employee, our clinical care team recognizes that each person’s situation is unique and that a web of biomedical, workplace, individual, and contextual factors may ultimately affect your illness, recovery, and return-to-work. In addition to providing you quality, evidence-based medical assessment and treatment, we strive for a patient-centered, pragmatic approach that recognizes individual and contextual differences, so we can help you better.

Research in our Division has spanned many occupational groups and exposures. Current research areas include hearing and acoustics, return-to-work, opioid prescribing practices, atypical work arrangements, effects of aging in manual occupations, cancer and work, green cleaning products, health and safety in correctional facilities, wearable biomarker technology, and worksite health promotion. These studies provide excellent opportunities for teaching and mentorship, clinical training, community outreach, and employer collaboration. Please browse our website to see the full breadth of research and education activities.

Thank you for your interest in the Division, and please contact us if you have any follow-up questions about our clinical services, research activities, or consulting capabilities.